A few days after the information published on 9to5Mac that showed some of the possible features of iOS 8 (and that we summarize in this article), a new post, in this case from MobiHealthNews, points in the same direction, although with certain nuances.

The report begins by recalling the hiring that Apple has made in recent months, focused mainly on engineers and scientists specialized in health issues. This would serve to confirm that the company works on the application known internally as health book (name that might not be definitive), a kind of Passbook with which to collect a series of user health parameters. According to the sources consulted, the work team in charge of this system would be made up of some 200 peoplewhich gives an idea of ​​its importance.

New data on the possible application of health in iOS 8

As for the famous iWatch, MobiHealthNews assures that it will not be a standalone device, but will be used as an accessory in combination with our main iOS equipment. This means that its utility would be linked to that of the primary device. In this sense, it also intends to lower the expectations generated a bit, noting that it will not have functionalities such as blood glucose control, hydration level or other similar parameters.

Apple, supposedly, would be interested in giving the iWatch a different approach from other accessories such as Fitbit or Jawbone Up bracelets, focusing more on the user experience (oriented towards health aspects and with sections on diets, exercise, monitoring of medical treatments , etc.) and not so much in data collection as those mentioned above do.

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Of course, at this point in the year, the rumors are still mere speculation. The sources consulted may be more or less reliable, but Apple has a lot of time ahead of it to redesign this service practically from scratch, if it is really working on it. The important thing is not only the functional approach that you want to give to iOS 8, but also the constant presence in these rumors of the iWatch (or whatever you end up calling this accessory if one day the company decides to market it). It would mean Apple’s access to a new market, that of personal monitoring devices that has been so fashionable lately.

In any case, we still have a few months to go until we see the first images of iOS 8 (if nothing changes compared to other years, it will be in June during the WWDC celebration) and still a little more until the launch of the definitive version of the system between the months of September and October.

Via: 9to5Mac