As you may already know, Visceral Games, the creators of Dead Space, were developing a new set of Star wars which ended up being canceled (and the studio closed). Projet Ragtag was his code name, and the very Amy Henning (mainly responsible for the first three Uncharted) was in charge of him. Today we were able to learn new details about this title.

Zach Mumbach, who was the producer of this Project Ragtag, gave an interview to the MinnMaxShow channel where he spoke about this canceled title. He comments that the protagonist, for example, was going to be a mix between Robin Hood and Star Lord, and before it was canceled tI already had several playable levels almost finished.

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He mainly talks about a scene in which the main character had to run away from an AT-ST:

You were running away from him on foot, and he was trying to track you down but you were more agile, squeezing through tight corners, destroying everything, crashing into yourself and using all the Frostbite’s destruction possibilities… You would have said ” wow, it’s like a Star Wars Uncharted.

Mumbach raves about the story, the setting and the characters that Amy Hennig had created. She saw so much potential in Projet Ragtag that he thought he was “The best Star Wars game ever and a possible contestant for Game of the Year”. Sadly, it looks like we’ll never find out.

A promising but complicated development

The producer also points out some of the reasons that made development difficult. When EA ordered them to do Battlefield: Hardline, many solo game specialists have left the studioso they had to hire other employees who controlled more multiplayer shooters. Immediately after finishing Hard line they were ordered with another single player game and the restructuring was noticed. On top of all that, they had to adapt to the Frostbite engine.

We were experts in this type of game two years ago, then we had to redo the study. It was difficult, but we did it. And then they said to us “go back to what you did before”. And we were like ‘now, but the people who were good at what we did before are gone’.

EA himself was pretty confident in the game they were playing, but the rest is history. When the study was closed (so the project was tempted to change hands, but it didn’t work) EA released a statement written by Patrick Söderlund claiming that the new trends were multiplayer titles, and that individual projects were no longer as profitable. According to Mumbach, at that point the executive hasn’t stopped talking about games like PUBG.

But as you all know, EA herself was quick to contradict herself. Late last year, he released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a single-player action adventure developed by Respawn Entertainment that has seen great sales success.

Mumbach wonders why his game was canceled, and not Respawn’s: ” We were certainly in one of the more expensive places to develop a video game, but Jedi: Fallen Order was created in Los Angeles, another of the more expensive places to develop a video game. ” .

Source : Gadgetsnow