New details emerge of another supposed “new” Nintendo Switch, which would release a new processor and greater memory capacity

After the announcement of the new Nintendo Switch Lite, now there is information about a supposed new Switch which on paper looks more like an update to the current console that we have on the market.

According to documents from the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), discovered by The Verge, Nintendo is about to launch a new version of the current Switch with improvements in some of its internal components.

Sounds more like an upgrade than a new console

According to the information, Nintendo applied to the FCC for a “Class II Permit Change”, which is an application for modify some components of an existing device without having to go through the entire certification process again. This in the United States.

In the document you can see the changes that Nintendo presents for this new Switch, which even keep model number.

  • “SoC Type Changes” – This points to a new processor, probably Nvidia’s new Tegra.
  • “Changes in the type of NAND memory”: an update to the flash memory of the console, where it is expected to increase its capacity or at least the speed of read / write.
  • “The CPU board will be changed due to the aforementioned components”: well that, a new board to support the new components.

New details emerge of another supposed “new” Nintendo Switch, which would release a new processor and greater memory capacity

Because of this, Everything indicates that it will be an update to the Switch, which would receive these new components that would bring power and possibly improvements in load times, as well as a reduction in the heating of the console.

A curious point is that The Verge mentions that Nintendo informed them that the new Switch Lite will arrive with “a more efficient chip design in terms of power consumption with a slightly improved battery life”, which could mean that the current Switch will also receive these improvements and thus the company would only be standardizing its components.

Here it should be noted that this possible update would not be the rumored Switch Pro, which has been talked about since last year and in theory would arrive at the same time as the Switch Lite. Today we saw that it was not like that. As for this supposed Switch Pro, rumors mention that it will come with a larger screen, better resolution, autonomy and even greater power.

Of course we will be pending before any news and possible announcement.