Like that child who knows he has done something wrong and tries to justify himself over and over again. Or, what is worse, unloading the blame on others. This is how it seems that he is acting evad3rs since the hasty release of the jailbreak for iOS 7. First it was a letter in which the group apologized for the problems caused. After it was removed access to TaiG (or Taiji) was disabled remotely and today evasi0n has been updated to version 1.0.1 removing this Chinese app store.

But it seems that this is not enough, so evad3rs has decided to publish a new letter addressed to the Jailbreak scene in which three main topics are discussed: data privacy, application piracy and money.

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evad3rs points out that it is essential for them to preserve the security of user data and, given the suspicions that the TaiG application sent user data without encryption, they have been in charge of reverse engineering the application, which has allowed them to check that it sends the same information as Cydia. For example, the unique identifier of the device is sent, albeit securely.

They also remember that TaiG is only installed on devices where the default language is Chinese and that it is only activated if the user opens the application.

Application Hacking

The hacker group insists that it is against piracy and that the agreement signed with TaiG expressly prohibited its access. They acknowledge that they did not review all the packages available in the application store, but that once the rest of the community was informed and that they themselves verified the existence of pirated applications, they decided to terminate the relationship with the Chinese company.

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Furthermore, they are very disappointed with TaiG’s decision to publish their own jailbreak method using the evasi0n code.


Finally, the question of money. evad3rs points out that they have not received any money from TaiG for this operation, despite all the rumors that they would have charged around a million dollars to include the Chinese application store in their jailbreak. They also remember that all the money received through donations will be delivered to a series of foundations.

Are these explanations enough? Time will tell. On the one hand, there will be users to whom all this controversy is exactly the same. In some cases because they have the jailbreak to customize the device to their liking (although there are still few packages compatible with iOS 7). In others, because all they want is to jailbreak to hack apps.

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But the truth is that all this controversy and the way evad3s act, putting their economic interests before (although now they deny having received the money, it is evident that they launched the jailbreak to get ahead of the rest of the groups that were working on other methods) over the from the jailbreak scene, has been able to damage the work of this community (and its reputation) beyond repair.

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