New Hero: Sett, Gangster – biography.

Another new hero: Sett!

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Race: Vastaj

New Hero: Sett, Gangster – biography

Role: warrior

Region: Ionia

New Hero: Sett, Gangster – biography

Sett, the leader of the burgeoning Ionian underworld, rose to fame in the aftermath of the war with Noxus. Although he started out as a humble contender in illegal fights in Navori, he quickly gained infamy thanks to his bestial strength and stamina. By winning fights against local fighters, Sett fought his way to the top and took control of the arena where he once fought.

Sett is now a big player in the thriving Ionian underworld, but he started rather modestly. His parents were an Ionian Vastajan woman and a man from Noxus. The “mixture” was an outcast from the start. Appalled by the misalliance, the Vastaya expelled his mother for violating the rights of the tribe. The people of Ionia also did not look favorably on the forbidden union, but Father Sett’s infamy from illegal fighting generally kept them from making unfavorable comments.

New Hero: Sett, Gangster – biography

However, the little sense of security they enjoyed vanished with their father’s departure. Suddenly, all those who had been silent before turned to Sett with contempt. The boy was amazed and wondered why he suddenly got into trouble all of a sudden and where his father had gone.

Sett grew up quickly and became extremely bitter due to the constant taunts and threats. It wasn’t long before he started using his fists to silence the screamers. When news of the fights he was getting into reached his mother, she made him swear never to go near the ring where his father fought.

New Hero: Sett, Gangster – biography

However, the more he fought, the more he thought about his father.

Wanting to find a barely remembered man, he sneaked into the ring one night after his mother had gone to bed. The atmosphere of the place captivated him immediately. Numerous Noxian soldiers, newly arrived on the shores of Ionia, roared for blood from the stands around him. In the middle of the arena, warriors with a variety of fighting styles engaged in brutal clashes with a variety of weapons – the victors were generously rewarded with Noxian Coins. As the ring emptied, Sett began asking questions about his father and learned the brutal truth: his father bought out his contract and went to fight in more lucrative arenas abroad. He abandoned his family to seek wealth on the other side of the world.

Indescribably furious, Sett asked the organizer for the opportunity to fight in the ring, in the hope that his father would somehow return from the trip – and stand on the opposite side of the arena. The promoter assigned the boy to the next match, assuming that he would be easy prey for his best fighters.

New Hero: Sett, Gangster – biography

Sett showed him how wrong he was.

From the moment the first blow was delivered, the “animal ” became a real star of the illegal arena. Even though Sett had never practiced any martial arts, his bestial strength and ferocity gave him a tremendous advantage, making him an equal to his more experienced opponents. Never giving up hope that one day he might be able to face his father, Sett soon became the undisputed “King of the Arena” with immense wealth from wins and countless opponents defeated.

Night after night, Sett brought his mother money, each time lying about where he got it. His petrified heart rejoiced to see that she was proud of his successes and no longer had to do menial jobs. However, Sett still believed he was capable of more. Being the king of the arena was good, but being the owner of the arena… was even more wealthy.

New Hero: Sett, Gangster – biography

One night, after defending his title in front of a record-breaking crowd, Sett presented new demands to the Noxian organizer and his subordinates. He suggested they give him the arena and all the profits. When they refused, Sett barricaded the door. A few minutes later, when the door opened again, the Noxians emerged, their bloody mouths delivering a message: the half-breed is the new boss.

After getting rid of the organizer, Sett took control of the arena where he had previously fought. Ionians, new to war, flocked to the arena to quench a thirst they had never known existed. Sett took full advantage of their lust for blood, amassing considerable wealth and power beyond his wildest dreams, and transforming the arena into an illegal gambling and debauchery center.

The half-breed who once reigned supreme in the arena now controls his empire with the same iron fist. Every time someone challenged his authority, Sett personally reminded that person who was in charge. Every blow the mongrel deals is aimed at an old life filled with poverty and ostracism. He wants to ensure that the old life will never get off the mat again.