New images and details of the Bloodborne Random Dungeon.

As we already told you last week, Bloodborne you will have a dungeon that will be randomly generated. Each time we enter there will be different enemies, objects and the appearance of the rooms will be completely different.

This particular dungeon will respond to the name of Chalice Dungeon. It will be made up of three levels that we will have to go through very carefully, as is usual in all games in the series. It will be full of traps and alternative paths that will lead us directly to failure. Miyazaki has confirmed that this dungeon will not be part of the more than ten areas that will have the main story of the game. It will be a challenge aimed at the most veteran who want strong emotions.

Today we have learned new details about Chalice Dungeon (that’s what the dungeon is called). It will be located in the depths of some ancient ruins below the city of Yharman. To enter it we will have to use one of the sacred chalices. Every time someone enters the dungeon, they will cause their distribution to be randomly generated.

New images and details of the Bloodborne Random Dungeon

desde software He has taught us the design of some of the enemies that we will see during the game. It’s about the Protectors and the Master Protectors of Rituals. We have also known the Dog Guardian Ancestral, who will be one of the final enemies of Chalice Dungeon.

“The new Chalice Dungeon feature takes players deep into ancient underground ruins beneath the city of Yharnam. Using the holy chalices, players can enter the dungeons and explore the massive structures and multiple levels. However, each Once a portal is opened, the structure of the dungeon changes. These dungeons are full of traps, nightmare creatures, and, of course, rewards for the bravest and most skilled hunters, whether they complete the mission alone or with the help of others. hunters online. “

New images and details of the Bloodborne Random Dungeon

“Chalice Dungeons adds tons of additional content and brings back the meaning and richness of the full game, and it can even be uploaded for other people to try. Share your dungeons with your friends, or play online to find new Chalice Dungeons to explore. Even after mastering the game, discovering all the secrets it offers, there will be a challenge waiting for you. “

“Here we bring exciting details and new screenshots of the dark and dangerous locations, as well as some of the gruesome abandoned underground ruins. Hunters who are brave enough to enter the ruins will have to navigate dark places like boggy swamps and Intriguing Gothic corridors. But beware! Not everything is what it seems. Whoever (or whatever) created these ruins did not want visitors: death traps, such as giant guillotines soaked in blood, can appear anywhere corner.”

New images and details of the Bloodborne Random Dungeon

“Among the hideous beasts and other creatures that you will encounter are the protectors and the ritual masters. Born in the darkness of the dungeons, these pale masters of the depths protect the secrets that lie hidden in this dark location. their sunken black eyes will find you. Be especially wary of ritual masters, who perform a dark and ancient ceremony few have survived to tell. “