New improvements to No Man’s Sky.

From Hello Games they already plan their next patches on PC.

The list of changes that the company behind No Man’s Sky plans to make has been posted on the Steam community hub. According to them, they plan to keep updating the game for the next several months. It looks like Hello Games plans to keep improving the game for the next several months.

After all the problems they had after the game was released, it is good to see the company go to great lengths and try to fix the broken dishes, as we saw with last month’s update. However, on this list they seem to only focus on PC. See how it goes. These are the news that the No Man’s Sky patches will bring to PC in the future:

– After many reports of people experiencing crashes in the game when installing mods, we have implemented a mod detector that will catch when a mod is activated. You can accept or deny that the mod works when the screen appears.

New improvements to No Man’s Sky

– Remapped the Guild menu and a faster menu to use the Azerty keyboards.

– Fixed a bug that in rare cases, did not allow NPCs to give you a dialogue.

New improvements to No Man’s Sky

– We fixed a bug that caused problems in the inventory exosuit. Note: This is a preventive fix and will not fix it for those who have already experienced it once. The cure for those who have already experienced it will come in the next patch.

– Talking between players will be easier now.

New improvements to No Man’s Sky

– Fix of a large number of crashes (if after updating you continue to exempting crashes, please send a report specifying the problem)

– We have fixed detecting other screens on computers that use more than two screens or that have programs to use more than one screen.

New improvements to No Man’s Sky

– It should no longer give problems opening the program by the .exe file in Steam.

– We have temporarily fixed the problems that people with SLI are experiencing. If you have SLI disconnect the TAA and the game should work. We are in discussions with Nvidia to try to find more solutions.

– We have fixed an issue where underwater buildings could appear without doors in rare cases which means that NPC missions cannot be completed. Note: If you still notice problems after this you can order a new base and rebuild the NPC terminal or if you have a Charger, change the NPC terminal of your base and rebuild it in the Charger. The NPC should give you new coordinates. We are continuing to work on more maintenance for this issue.

New improvements to No Man’s Sky

– Previously it was possible to get exosuit technology such as life aid in the ship’s inventory. The solutions to save the game with this bug are now possible.

– To prevent installed mods from being uninstalled with each update we have introduced a new method to install mods. For more details, see the DISABLEMODS.TXT file in the GAMEDATA PCBANKS folder.

In the past, Hello Games has already fixed many issues and added improvements to the game so keep looking forward to more improvements to the game in the future.

New improvements to No Man’s Sky

What are you still hoping to improve this game? We keep reading.