With the arrival of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur, the Maps app for all three platforms has undergone major changes and improvements. Now we can get directions for cycle routes, plan routes taking into account charging pointsFor our electric car, consult the integrated travel guides or receive traffic light or speed camera alerts on the route.

Routes, details and improvements


In addition to the arrival of the new maps in the UK, Canada and Ireland, Apple introduced several improvements to its mapping application. Some are as simple but useful as receive warnings from cameras at traffic lights and speed cameras which Apple refers to in these terms:

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Google Maps lets you know when you are approaching speed cameras and traffic lights on your route. You can also see on the map where the individual cameras are located.

Others are as elaborate as the integrated travel guides. Some guides we can use to discover places to eat, scenic walks or routes through certain towns.

The publishers of Apple Maps have worked with trusted brands and partners to provide guides to the world’s best places to eat, shop, and explore. You can save the guides, and they’re automatically updated when new places are added, so you always have the latest recommendations.

In the area of ​​route planning, Apple introduced two very useful functions. First the plan a route for the bike. With this type of planning, in addition to the presence of activated cycle lanes, Maps also takes into account climbs during the journey, as well as stairs or other obstacles that may appear during the route.

The maps take elevation into account, so you know whether you’re going to be exercising uphill or going for a leisurely walk in the plain. You will be warned if there are any steep sections along the route or if you will need to haul your bike up the stairs. You can also choose a route that avoids stairs or the busiest roads.

Finally, and for long journeys by car, Apple offers us a route planning taking into account charging points which we will need for our electric car.

Maps can track your vehicle’s current load and factor in things like elevation to automatically add load stops along the way. Maps knows what kind of charger works for your car, making sure you go to compatible stations.

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Without a doubt, Apple is providing more and more interesting functions to the Maps application. Unlike other alternatives, which cover large amounts of data without much order, Apple takes the time to sort this information, catalog it and make it understandable to the user, making Maps the best maps and apps. . transportation available for many.