Through the WinFuture website, the first images of the next Intel NUC, the Crimson Canyon, have been leaked. This new model would be the first to mount a processor with the upcoming Canon Lake architecture from this manufacturer. Just as curious is that inside it incorporates a dedicated AMD Radeon 500 series graphics card.

Since its launch, back in 2012, the public interested in Intel NUC systems has not stopped growing. It must be remembered that, apart from the complete versions, the NUCs are systems that are usually sold as barebones, that is, they generally only contain the processor, which is usually soldered to the motherboard, and this. The rest of the components necessary for its operation, such as RAM and the storage device, must be purchased separately. This fact allows a great degree of customization and flexibility with respect to the needs of its users.

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Intel Kaby Lake-G could use Polaris instead of Vega for its GPU Juan Diego de Usera April 10, 2018 • 16:04

After all the buzz that was created by the launch of the Intel Hades Canyon NUC, with its processor coupled to an AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics card via the high-bandwidth EMIB bus, Intel seems to want to keep attacking the NVIDIA market. with its new NUC Crimson Canyon, which would equip one of the first processors with Canon Lake architecture and a dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card.

The Intel Crimson Canyon will mount a Polaris core graphics

As can be seen in the previous images, the graphics card that the new Crimson Canyon mounts is an AMD Radeon 500 series. This means that, in all probability, it is a custom GPU with a Polaris core. The fact of having only 2 GB of GDDR5 memory makes us assume that it could be a graphics card that is based on the RX 550 or RX 560 models. It is more than likely that it is an RX 550, given that the maximum consumption allowed by its power adapter is 90 W.

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Intel confirms that in 2018 they will bring the first quad core NUC Rodrigo Alonso 24 September, 2017 • 15:09

The processor that mounts this new NUC is an Intel Core i3 8121U, one of the next processors with Canon Lake internal architecture, and the first that the blue giant will be able to manufacture in its 10 nm node. Regarding its specifications, the truth is that not much can be known from the screenshots, except that its internal operating frequency is 2.4 GHz. Removing that, we do not know how many internal cores or how many threads this new one uses processor, although being a Core i3 series processor, we’d bet it’s a quad-core, four-thread processor.