New iPads with the design of the iPad Air 3 and new iPhones with Pro Motion and Always On display

While we saw quite a few more launches last year than is usual at Apple, there are products of which we still wait news. The supply chain is already releasing predictions and reports on what we are going to see in various products of the company and they have brought us the most interesting information.

A new iPad with iPad Air design

New iPads with the design of the iPad Air 3 and new iPhones with Pro Motion and Always On display

Let’s start with a report from the Japanese site Macotakara. According to the publication, the new iPad, the entry model, will adopt the design of the iPad Air 3. Thus, the distinction with the newly introduced iPad Air and with the iPad Pro will be even clearer.

According to a vendor report, the new entry-level iPad, which will be the 9th generation, will feature the same 10.2-inch screen, although will be noticeably thinner and lighter. A thickness of 6.3 millimeters and a weight of 460 grams is expected. According to several sources, it will continue to have TouchID on the front button, Lightning port, laminated screen with anti-reflective coating, P3 range and True Tone.

As for the new iPad Pro, it is important to note that the report makes no mention of mini-LED technology that supposedly would come with this version. What it does mention is the improvement in performance thanks to its new processor and that the exterior design will be the same as the current generation.

An iPhone 13 with Pro Motion and an always-on screen

New iPads with the design of the iPad Air 3 and new iPhones with Pro Motion and Always On display

As for the iPhone we also have interesting rumors. As before, the information also comes from the supply chain and announces that Apple plans to use an LTPO display which would allow the iPhone to offer us ProMotion, as well as an always-on screen.

Like this year the new iPhone will use OLED screen, which seems to could change is the type of OLED used. With the adoption of low temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) it is possible to vary the refresh rates by opening the doors at an extremely low, for an always-on screen like in Apple Watch, and at a high rate to reach 120Hz in certain circumstances.

According to some reports, it would be LG who would be in charge of the manufacture of these panels, although TheElec affirms that Samsung will be the only supplier during 2021. Thus, LG would join the manufacturing in 2022. Finally, the report predicts that this technology only reaches the iPhone 13 with surname Pro and that it is in 2022, with the iPhone 14, when it is extended to the rest of the range.

It should be noted that while the use of LPTO panels offers the potential for major changes, it is possible that Apple simply adapts the refresh rate according to use to reduce consumption and increase battery life or maintain it by decreasing the thickness of the battery. iPhone. In any case, whether in terms of the future iPad Pro, the iPad or the new iPhone 13, this year 2021 promises to be as interesting as the one we have just left behind.

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