The new iPhones that Apple will present in the fall continue to give rise to rumors concerning the content of its box. So far, it seems confirmed that it will ship without a wall charger, without a headset, in a considerably smaller box and, With the latest rumor, they’ll bring a braided USB-C cable to Lightning.

Design focused on sustainability

Like the well-known tweets of the L0vetodream filter yesterday he appeared on Weibo, a Chinese social network, a series of photos of the possible cable that will accompany the future iPhone 12. This cable, USB-C at one end and Lightning at the other, has a woven textile design.

AT exception for black Thunderbolt Pro cable, Mac Pro and HomePod charging cableApple has never presented cables, included in the box or in its separate store, with a braided design.

By their very design, braided cables tend to be stronger than standard cables, which are covered with plastic. Thanks to him better withstand the sharp bends that are usually generated next to the connectors and which sometimes lead to the outer coating of the cable break.

Let’s move on to the topic of connectors whether or not the charger is included in the box, the choice of USB-C will allow us to gradually unify the chargers of all Apple products. With the latest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 11, Apple has already introduced the charger with USB-C, the same design as that of the latest iPad Pro. With the Mac the situation has been the same for over 4 years, so it makes sense that the new cable also has this connector. For now, while we wait for Apple to present the Apple Watch Series 6, it is the only device with a USB-A connector in its charger.

Last but not least, these new cables appear to have eight silver contacts with ruthenium rhodium, which is more resistant to corrosion. A fact that, combined with the braided design, can significantly extend the life of these new cables.

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Little by little, rumor by rumor, it looks like we’re doing a slow-motion unboxing of the new iPhone 12 although, as always, we’re taking the information for what it is: unconfirmed information. Whatever Apple decides to include in the box of the future iPhone 12, it surely has a lot of room to surprise us.

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