One of the most incredible stories we have told you is repeating itself. I’m not sure if you’ll recall that in mid-2019, two men were detained in the US for taking advantage of Apple’s excellent warranty policies to trade fake for real iPhones. The story didn’t end well for them, but the strangest thing of all is that the story it just happened again, and in this case in Switzerland.

A mother and her son have just been accused in Switzerland of a millionaire scam in which traded in over 1,000 fake iPhones for new models in the Apple Store using Apple Care + coverage. For just a few dollars, they delivered a fake iPhone that was allegedly water damaged, and Apple gave them a real one. A business that can end up costing them dearly. The news was shared by local media SRF.

A million dollar scam

The procedure they followed is very similar to the previous case. A 34-year-old Chinese man living in the canton of Aargau in northern Switzerland received the fake iPhones from Hong Kong. The fake iPhones had water damage, and the batteries seemed swollen, which means the case cannot be opened in an Apple Store. In addition, the fake iPhones also had same IMEI numbers as other real iPhones with Apple Care, so for a small price of 99 Swiss francs, around 90 euros, Apple replaced them with a new model.

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Apple Store Covid

That man he would then send the original and the new iPhone back to his friend in Hong Kong, where they would be sold. Apparently, he followed this strategy from 2015 to 2019. In 2016, the mother of the 56-year-old man helped, according to the court accusation, “because her son did not have time”.

According to the report, this man earned a commission of 10 Swiss francs for each iPhone successfully exchanged and returned to Hong Kong, or 9.27 euros. It makes money that have won during these four years, i.e. around 10,000 euros. The Aargau public prosecutor’s office has already laid his charge, which could mean 18 months in prison for the mother and four years for the son. In addition, the son could be deported from Switzerland for a period of seven years. The prosecution claims that this one cost Apple around a million dollars.

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The curious thing is that at no time did the employees of Apple or the company notice the scam, everything was discovered at customs. Customs officers of the city of Basel found two packages containing a total of 50 fake iPhones, and that’s how they discovered the whole plot. Authorities estimate that this man brought around 900 iPhones throughout this period to the Apple Store, the mother brought in around 100 iPhones.

Lawyers for the defendants reported that they didn’t know iPhones were fake. They say they thought they were real broken iPhones and trusted their friend from Hong Kong who assured them that “the Chinese are having trouble with Apple’s service over and over again.” We will see how this whole story ends, but maybe something similar is happening in more countries around the world, we have already seen that this method has been repeated in the United States and Switzerland.

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Source : Techradar