New Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online and more.

Look up at the moon, and you may hear a chorus of howling in the distance. There is a Legendary Red Streak Coyote spotted at Pike’s Basin. This one is known for wandering around the rock walls and bare bottom of the canyon.

Also the legendary Midnight Paw Coyote has been roaming the country southeast of Strawberry lately. With its unique yellow eyes and black fur, it is easily distinguishable from the more common coyotes in the area.

Harriet is eager to learn more about these mysterious animals, so study the creatures and bring monsters back to her shop and get a payment and XP for the Naturalist Role. If you’ve had chills during the long nights on the open plains, Gus is happy to help you make clothes from these unique hides.

New Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online and more

Trapper Store by Gus

With these two legendary animals you can Rescue Streak and Midnight Paw Coats to make. These draw a lot of attention when you celebrate your victories in the Smithfield Saloon. Also the Babin Hat becomes available when you hand in the necessary materials.

New Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online and more

As icing on the cake, make one of the two Legendary Coyote Coats this week and get an extra Coat as a reward. You will find it in your Offers & Rewards within 48 hours.

New Wheeler, Rawson & Co. additions

New Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online and more

There are a slew of permanent new additions to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog, including:

  • Daventry jacket
  • Blackgrave Coat
  • Hinxman hat
  • Filera Hat
  • Penstock Pants
  • Corrales Shirt
  • Molina Blouse

Benefits, offers and rewards

New Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online and more

Players who track down all Legendary Animals requested so far in Harriet’s Sighting Missions will receive a free horse up to rank 40 as a reward.

Bounty Hunters and traders can make some big bucks this week thanks to a 50% bonus on RDO$ payouts. Meanwhile, those who want to start any of these activities will receive 5 Gold Barts off the cost of both the Butcher Table and the Bounty Hunter License, and 30% off all Bounty Hunter and Trader Outfits, Horses Weapon Skins, the Bounty Wagon and Hunting Wagons, and on all Rifles (except the Elephant Rifle).

If you haven’t played Red Dead Online recently, play sometime before September 21, receive the following one-time gifts, and also check the Benefits section regularly for new Offers and Rewards:

New Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online and more
  • 30% off any Novice or Promising Naturalist Role Item
  • 2,000 Naturalist XP
  • Free Sedative Varmint Cartridges
  • Free Legendary Animal Pheromone
  • 30% discount on a Revolver
  • Free Ability Card

While becoming a Naturalist and studying wildlife in its natural habitat is a reward in itself, there are a host of other benefits, including the following one-time gifts:

  • Become a Naturalist and get a free Role Accessory, Outfit, or Emote
  • Stun and sample an animal, and get the Gila Monster Camp Flag
  • Complete an Animal Sighting Mission and get the Farnholme Double Bandolier
  • Buy a Wilderness Camp and get a Treasure Map as a reward

Visit the Social Club Events page for all the information about the latest special bonuses. You can also view the currently valid Offers and Rewards at any time through the in-game Benefits menu, or through the Offers and Rewards section of the online Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalog.


New Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online and more

Red Dead Online players who have linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming will receive the following rewards:

  • 5 Free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • Free Wilderness Camp
  • Free Katata Coat made from the Legendary Elk skin

In addition, players who are linked to Prime Gaming will receive 50% off a Camp Dog, 50% discount on a Tentand 50% discount on a Vest of Rank 15 and below – like 10 x Special Health Cures Special Snake Oil, Special Miracle Tonic and Special Bitters. You can find these in your Camp Lockbox or at a Post Office.

Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.