Apple announced a very significant change in Macs during the last WWDC20: Apple Silicon. Mac processors will no longer be Intel and will be designed by Apple itself. It’s a process that started with the iPhone 4’s A4 processor in 2010 and which, after the incredible power that Apple has managed to develop, will culminate in the company’s computers.

The developers already have a Mac mini at their disposal with the A12Z Bionic processor from the iPad Pro so they can test their new apps, but the company has not revealed which will be the first official Apple computers with their own ARM processors. Now Digitimes comes with new information and guarantees that The first Apple Silicon Macs will be 13 inches.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon

It was to be expected that Apple will start its path in Apple Silicon with two MacBooksThese processors are very efficient, so they can extend the battery life. On the other hand, Apple was also expected to start with the Mac with less power and gradually improve. So the information that leaked today makes a lot of sense Digitimes.

« As Apple launches the new 13-inch MacBook Pro‌ and acMacBook Air‌, powered by Apple Silicon, by the end of this year, total MacBook lineup shipments are expected to reach 16-17 million units in 2020 from 14, 5- 15.5 million units shipped one year earlier«

New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Apple Silicon for late 2020

As we can see, it looks like the MacBook with Apple Silicon will be well received by the market, increasing its sales by 2 or 3 million units. These processors will be made by TSMC, which is already in charge of the production of processors for iPhones and iPads. Digitimes He says they will use a 5nm process, the same that is theoretically used by the A14 processor in the iPhone 12, so these processors could be similar.

« TSMC will manufacture custom Apple chips for Macs using 5nm processing technology, with production still at low volume in the first half of 2021, the sources said, but production will increase significantly later in the year. next.«

We will see how Apple offers its processors for computers, in the iPhone or iPad range the most affordable models have processors from other years or processors just as powerful as the more expensive models. We do not know if Apple would make an equivalence with Intel -i3, i5, i7- or if all Macs will carry the same processor and the differences will be elsewhere.

New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Apple Silicon for late 2020

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We have a lot to know about Apple Silicon, although it is clear that we won’t see it until the end of the year. These new Macs will only be compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur, and until its release in the fall, we won’t be seeing these MacBooks on the market. A new, redesigned iMac is also on hold, but it could still use Intel processors and make the jump to Apple Silicon later.

Source : Techradar

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