New Nintendo Direct announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Searching live for the latest @ # @ # $$ Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey, Weekend Watch reports! With info about a new Nintendo Direct, another studio closing, gameplay from the new World of Warcraft expansion and a cat with a jetpack!

On Tuesday there will be a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Direct

Hey, a new Nintendo Direct has been announced for Tuesday! This one focuses entirely on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The JRPG will be released on December 1 and is Nintendo’s last major release for the year. Despite the fact that the release is in less than a month, we still know very little about the game.

New Nintendo Direct announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The Nintendo Direct will be broadcast on YouTube or Nintendo’s own website at 3 p.m. Dutch time on Tuesday. So don’t forget to ask your boss or teacher if you can watch him. Hahahahahahahahaha, or just check all the info on SamaGame after the broadcast.

Torchlight developer Runic Games closes doors

Tochlight developer Runic Games is no more. Chinese publisher Perfect World has now pulled the plug from Runic’s Seattle studio after curtailing studio Motiga. Many of the staff who worked on Torchlight 1 and 2 and recently released Hob will not continue with Perfect World, but the owner still plans to continue with Runic Games as their studio name. It only happens internally within your own organization.

New Nintendo Direct announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In any case, it is a cloth against the bleeding for Torchlight and Hob fans because the games will continue to be supported and may even receive new content. Perfect World tells Gamasutra that they make the decisions because they want to focus more on online games with a service model. Hey that sounds familiar!

Overwatch almost had a cat with a jetpack

Speaking of online games with a service model, Overwatch was well represented at the last BlizzCon and a lot of weird was revealed during the visitor panels.

New Nintendo Direct announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

A big challenge for the Overwatch team was determining the style. The game is cartoony now, but exactly how cartoony was still quite a task to figure out. So the Blizzard bosses decided to give their art designers carte blanche to push the boundaries of Overwatch style. That’s why we almost had… a CAT WITH A JETPACK !!!

But Kotaku has published even more slides. Including a robot monkey, a crocodile and a hockey player.

New Nintendo Direct announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

It all didn’t make it into the game and in the end we have to make do with Winston, a scientist who is also a gorilla and lives on the moon.

Just a Nintendo Switch commercial in between

Just a new Nintendo Switch commercial just like that. After all, it doesn’t happen every day that you see Bowser in the backseat of a car. Must be great for upholstery.

New World of Warcraft allied races in action

Finally, we return to BlizzCon and to World of Warcraft. The new expansion introduces Allied Races: these are a sort of Cola Light / Zero / Vanilla variants of existing varieties, with their own background stories, racial abilities and options for customization. Two races were playable and this extremely American American shows exactly what they look like and does some quest around the new islands. Enjoy!

New Nintendo Direct announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Wassum again. Have a nice Sunday!