In May, we told you that the source code for several Nintendo consoles, such as Wii or GameCube, had been fully disclosed, in addition to many other things. Now Japanese company again suffered another huge leak (it’s unclear if this has anything to do with the previous one), this time related to several of his classic games.

He ran away the source code titles like Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Star Fox 2, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and many more. But the one that has captured the most attention is undoubtedly Super Mario 64.

For many years fans of this classic platform hypothesized that Luigi was included in the game, although in the commercial version we all know it is nowhere to be found (at most it has become controllable with Wario, Yoshi and Mario in the port of Super mario 64 for DS).

The new leak revealed that indeed Luigi was in the code for Super Mario 64. As we saw in VGC, your files are in a first version called Ultra 64 Mario Brothers. Some users have extracted the textures and different files belonging to Mario’s brother to reconstruct it and recreate a model like the one in the tweet below.

Super Luigi 64 is real

Best of all is where this urban legend came from. In the courtyard fountain of Peach’s Castle from the original game you can read a blurry message what to pray “L is real 2401”. Or at least everyone is generally okay with saying that, because the truth is, it doesn’t sound too good. The same message also appears in Ocarina of time.

Many believed the post to imply that Luigi existed in the game, in the form of the developer’s Easter egg, and it has become kind of a myth over the years. Now it’s clear that Luigi is real, but here’s the best part. Super mario 64 It was released on June 23, 1996 and it was discovered 24 years and a month after its launch. 24 + 01: L is real 2401. It will be a coincidence, but it is small.


While we already knew from Shigeru Miyamoto himself that Luigi was going to be a controllable character in Super Mario 64, this is the first time we’ve had him in front of our noses in a tangible way. And there is still more.

Other interesting prototypes

As I said, many other titles from the Nintendo 64 and SNES era played in this massive leak as well. Gaming betas like Super Mario World or Île de Yoshi, originally titled Super Mario Bros.4 and Super Mario Bros.5, respectively.

In fact, there you are Yoshi’s original creations alongside several Koopas before adopting in Super Mario World the look we all know today. Simply disturbing.

Check out these first designs by Koopas and Yoshi!

There is also there Linking sprites from an unknown Zelda game. The fact that they are shown in the profile suggests that they have something to do with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which drastically changed the zenithal perspective of the former for a side. It is believed to be the prototype of an initially planned project Zelda III.

A cleaner version of Profile Link sprites.

We continue with a prototype of Super mario world 2, what ended up being Île de Yoshiwho has a name Super donkey kong. It stars a strange character that many associate with Stanley from Donkey Kong 3, although I do not see too similar. Here you have the video demo.

Pokémon beta

The leaks are endless. So much that they would give for several texts, so we are not going to cover them all in this news. If you want to know more, in this VGC article you have a pretty successful compilation.

However, we couldn’t finish without one of the most striking leaks: that of the beta version of Pokémon Pearl and Diamond. These games are a bit more modern than the previous ones, since they were released for Nintendo DS in 2006. Naturally, what is most interesting are the early designs of some Pokémon.

In this video from the Mixeli channel, you can see all the sprites of the fourth generation Pokémon in the beta. Most are the same as we know them today, and others note that they are placeholders very similar to their final appearance (Regigigas). However, some of them were going to be completely different, as is the case with Togekiss or the entire evolutionary lineage of Garchomp. And let’s not even talk about this Arceus, who is scarier than anything else.

It should be noted, if it was not obvious, that these materials have been filtered illegallywe are therefore not going to link to your source. Codes and files are posted on the internet, and everything you see here is from users who have accessed it on their own and shown their content.

Source : Gadgetsnow