New PlayStation 5 consoles in stock this week?.

Today (August 25), a new supply of PlayStation 5 consoles will reportedly be offered on Amazon. This news was shared by the usually knowledgeable @PS5StockAlert on Twitter. It will probably be a drop on, but this division of the retailer also delivers in the Netherlands. Update → At Amazon Germany, there was a drop for Prime subscribers on Wednesday morning.

PlayStation 5 stock

There is no date yet when the PS5 will be offered on the site. This means there may be delays or last minute changes to the current schedule. It is also good to know that previous drops always took place in the morning (between 08:30 – 11:00). It is still unclear whether other Amazon countries will offer the PS5 this week. View the overview below.

In the Netherlands it has been a few weeks since the PlayStation 5 was in stock. A draw was organized at Coolblue on 3 August, last offered the console on 4 August, NedGame occasionally has a few copies online and MediaMarkt sold its last consoles on 14 August. There is a good chance that something will happen again soon, because there is usually three to four weeks between a delivery from Sony.

New PlayStation 5 consoles in stock this week?

Sony has sold 10 million PS5 consoles in 8 months and will release a further 12 million units between July and March 2022. Given that the absolute craziness has subsided, it’s only natural that the PS5 will be a lot more available in the coming year than it has been to date. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation at the shops below.

Playstation 5

New PlayStation 5 consoles in stock this week?

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

New PlayStation 5 consoles in stock this week?
  • (click on ‘Notify me’ for early notification)
  • Cool shop (sold out)
  • Amazon Netherlands (last drop 23/03)
  • Amazon Germany (last drop 14/07)
  • Amazon France (last drop 04/08)
  • Amazon Spain (last drop 22/07)
  • Amazon Italy (last drop 28/07)
  • Amazon UK (last drop 09/08)
  • MediaMarkt (last drop 25/07)
  • Wehkamp (last drop 31/05)
  • Coolblue (click on ‘Notify me’ for early notification)
  • BCC (last drop 29/06)
  • NedGame | PS5 Bundle (last drop 09/08)
  • Game Mania (sold out)