MY.GAMES Brings News on Its New Game for Switch, Featuring the Grovewalker Class, Pre-Order Packs and More News for February Launch

International publisher MY.GAMES and developer Allods Team have revealed new details of their Free-to-play MMO Skyforge, ahead of its release on February 4. Along with an explosive new trailer, showing the incredible power of the Grovewalker class, details of the three pre-order packs also arrive. These will allow players to fully enter a cosmic journey to defend the planet Aelion, two days before launch.

A new video shows the gameplay and gives a first idea of ​​the mythical power of the Grovewalker class on Nintendo Switch. Find out what it’s like to fight the Mechanoid swarm for dominance at Factory 501. Grovewalkers are wizards who are highly skilled at casting natural magic from a distance. Although they look agile, they can summon the protection of their living armor and transform into tough tanks.

Skyforge will be available for free download on Nintendo eShop (Nintendo Switch Online subscription is not required to play). Future content updates, including the launch of the first Invasion, will also be available at no cost.

MMO fans can start their journey two days early, from February 2. All they need to do is purchase one of the exclusive Founder’s Packs for Skyforge. Currently available on the Nintendo eShop, these come loaded with a useful and divine set of content for the game, with cosmetic items, legendary weapons and unlocks for classes. The Deluxe and Ultimate editions also contain the Callsign NX Wings item. An exclusive cosmetic item in Skyforge for Nintendo Switch, inspired by the colors of the Joy-Cons Neon Red and Blue.

These are the details of the reservation packs on Nintendo eShop:


Awaken the powers of the Immortal with Legendary Weapons, Premium Playtime, In-Game Cash, and a Unique Player Title:
2 days of advance play (from February 2)
3 legendary weapons (for Cryomancer, Paladin and Lightbinder classes)
14 days Premium subscription
5,000 Argents
75,000 Credits
Player Title: ‘Founder’


Unleash your inner warrior by unlocking the Berserker class, four legendary weapons, the Callsign NX Wings cosmetic item, and much more:
2 days of advance play (from February 2)
Berskerker Class Unlocked
4 legendary weapons (for the Berserker, Cryomancer, Paladin and Lightbinder classes)
Callsign XN Wings
30 days Premium subscription
20,000 Argents
100,000 Credits
Player Title: ‘Founder’


Become a god, unlock the Gunner and Berserker classes, five legendary weapons, the impressive Stormbringer TX-600 Glider mount, the exclusive cosmetic item for Switch Callsign NX Wings, and much more:
2 days of advance play (from February 2)
2 Classes Unlocked: Gunner and Berserker
5 legendary weapons (for Gunner, Berserker, Cryomancer, Paladin and Lightbinder classes)
Stormbringer TX-600 Glider
Callsign XN Wings
60 days Premium subscription
40,000 Argents
500,000 Credits
Player Title: ‘Founder’