New text related to Noxus. Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?.

We return to the Noxian coup d’état and the introduction of the trifariat…

What new characters are we waiting for?

  • “Very Heavy Caliber Support Defender” (Noxus Tied)
  • Teaser of the new support in the graphics promoting the preseason?
  • “Romantic Skirmisher Jungle”
  • The new scout jungler is being designed by the rioter who created Senna and Jhin
  • Ruined King as the new jungler? Gamers’ speculations and… proof?
  • New story related to Noxus

    A new text of the Trifari Announcement has been published on the Uniwersum website.

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    Attention, attention, people of Noxus! I bring news from the capital!

    It’s time to celebrate! The Hand of Noxus is back and stands by our new Grand General! With the unification of the noble families, a new era of our great empire begins!

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    Let it be known that on this day, the countless wars initiated by Boram Darkwill and waged from distant Shurima to the shores of Ionia have come to an end. Our treasury will no longer be emptied in pursuit of matches with no guaranteed victory result. Our brave warriors will no longer die in vain.

    Noxian gold, Noxian blood. These are the treasures Jericho Swain has sworn to return to you, the people.

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    During his campaign in the northern lands, the mighty general Darius received orders to retreat. Instead of humbly accepting this order, he marched to the capital with his entire army, for the Hand of Noxus has the primary duty of serving the empire itself, not whoever ascends its throne over the years. It would be right and proper to question these orders and the authorities under which they were issued.

    Let it be known that General Darius met with General Swain. Let all know that Darius welcomed the news of a legal and just coup against Boram Darkwill, and that Swain was acting for the good of Noxus.

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    Long live Jericho Swain, savior of the empire!

    Under the tutelage of Darius and his warriors, representatives from all the noble houses met to hear Swain’s plans for the future of Noxus. Those who pledged allegiance to him for eternity and placed their homes in his hands received a full pardon for any previous offenses or opposition shown. These men and women are proud and honorable servants of the Great General and must not be harmed.

    In his boundless wisdom and mercy, he has also granted pardons to those who refuse his goodness. They have a full seven days to complete their affairs within the empire, relinquish their lands and titles, and leave Noxus forever. Anyone who resists will lose his life. Three days later, public settlements in the Noxkraya arena will resume.

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    So let the people know that every Noxian will be treated equally, based on their own abilities and strength. Also, let it be known that Jericho Swain and the noble houses are trying to end the decades of incompetence and nepotism that have plagued Darkwill’s rule.

    Let everyone know that the previous Grand General was not a bad man and therefore Swain does not want him to be remembered as such. Rather, he was considered a weak person, manipulated behind the scenes by others …

    Yes, friends. Corruption has taken root at the heart of our great empire. Over the centuries, the momentum of the embezzlement grew, blooming like a beautiful flower above the surface, while underground its roots were twisted and spread darkness.

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    Stop it, friends! Never again! Jericho Swain will destroy anyone who wants to use Noxus for their own good! He will uproot corruption’s twisted thorny rose! Each of his agents and allies is hereby declared an enemy of the empire, and all honest citizens are obliged to harm them if they are able to do so. Together we will survive! Everyone is suspicious!

    Before the rule of Boram Darkwill, the same sinister forces pulled the strings of even the greatest kings and heroes of Noxus, including during the Rune Wars. Indeed, our beloved Grand General has heard of the fears of the noble houses – that if anyone could fall victim to such corruption, why not him? To dispel these doubts, he announced that Noxus would not be ruled by one person… but by three. He draws on the legacy of the greatest of the old tribes – the vision of Noxidia, the power of the Noxkri, and the trickery of the Noxtali – to create the “Trifariat”, a council of those who eschew the throne and enforce the same principles of strength that have always allowed Noxus to triumph over your enemies.

    Finally, let it be known that after much consultation with his dear friends among the nobility, the Grand General came to an agreement with the leaders of the Assassins’ Guild. Together with Swain and Darius, they will sit on the council, appointing a “nameless” representative to protect the empire from even the most insidious internal threats.

    Go citizens! Give everyone these words and announcements! The best years of Noxus are yet to come, and we will once again rise as one people, united in glory and a common purpose!

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    ARCHIVIST’S NOTE: Despite the inspiring and conciliatory promises contained in these official statements, the Trifariat has completely changed the political landscape of Noxus in one year. Imperial governorships and military commissions were no longer hereditary, but issued through official channels. All personal property was to be declared and verified, and heavy taxes were levied on gold or silver not held in state banks. Eventually, it became illegal for a citizen to own another citizen as chattel, and illegal trading was punishable by death.

    Jericho Swain successfully wooed the noble families to gain support in the assassin guilds, then systematically dismantled the power structures that had supported them for nearly a thousand years. While the final effects of these decisions have yet to see the light of day, it is likely that many of the nobles were driven to ally with Jericho Swain’s secret enemies. This may even lead to a rebellion.

    Does it have to do with the new hero?

    The next character to be released is a “very heavy caliber support tank”. He uses the enemy’s armor to attack, and he has the ability to quickly escape. However, what interests us most in this case is that he is an extremely dangerous, armed to the teeth criminal wanted by … Noxus.

    New text related to Noxus.  Could it be a hint who the new hero will be?

    Is the appearance of a new text related to this region a coincidence? Possibly not – although it hasn’t been long since the release of Seraphine, let’s remember that due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic at the beginning of the year, Riot slightly relaxed the plans related to new heroes and moved them to the end of the year. So it’s no wonder we’re seeing more champions joining Runeterra now. Releasing a new supporter in patch 10.25 would not be surprising in such a situation – it means that he could appear on the PBE next week (of course, this is not official information, but only suspicion!), and in December – on live servers …

    Let’s get back to the text published on the League of Legends Universe website. In it, we returned to Swain’s coup d’état on Boram Darkwill. After this event, power in Noxus was divided between three people embodying one of the foundations of strength: Foresight (Swain), Might (Darius) and Cunning (The Faceless). The changes introduced in the country naturally met with some resistance, especially from the noble circles, which secretly opposed Swain and sought allies in various circles. Assuming that the publication of the text is not accidental in the context of the release of a new hero, and we know that this character is supposed to be a criminal wanted by Noxus … could we meet one of the Noxian noble opponents of the new system? Or one of his allies?