Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have released a new trailer for Tower of Fantasy, which introduces the characters and their abilities. The game is expected to come out in Q3 2022 for PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Mobile on the App Store and Google Play.

Watch below, and also take the opportunity to see more details about each character and the gameplay, via Level Infinite.

New trailer for Tower of Fantasy introduces the characters and their abilities

Meryl: A senior Hykros enforcer who excels in S-tier missions with her swordplay and combat skills. She has a cold demeanor, and it’s hard to know what she really thinks.

Shiro: Known as a “loner ocean freak” who loves to study the sea and everything in it. For many years Shiro has been traveling alone and studying the distribution of the ocean, significantly contributing to humans’ understanding of Aida.

Samir: An enforcer of Hykros who acts independently and loves to play harmless pranks on others. Elite enforcers hold her in high regard.

King: Accustomed to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence, money is what moves King. His sassy attitude and flamboyant clothes indicate his strong personality.

Crow: Crow’s upbeat and happy nature means he loves to joke around. He’s capable of demonstrating dazzling tricks with daggers or spouting a barrage of bad jokes.

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Zero: A computer genius who has (purposely and effectively) destroyed all records regarding his real name and background. Intelligent, very competitive, and ignores anything he deems insignificant.

Cocoritter: Her blind trust in everyone she meets is troubling, but alongside that naivete is her determination to save more people with her healing talents.

Nemesis: After undergoing modifications by the Heirs of Aida, Shirli became the Angel of Clemency known as “Nemesis”. Normally, she is quiet and introverted, but turns into a ruthless killing machine under the Inheritors’ mind control.

New trailer for Tower of Fantasy introduces the characters and their abilities

Players will interact with the diverse cast of characters as they freely roam Aida, being able to complete quests, minigames and perform other activities such as:

Immersive open world: Experience an unknown world filled with beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see and imposing futuristic structures.

Localized content: Tower of Fantasy will have eight languages ​​at launch.

Unique characters: Wield each character’s unique weapon. Each provides different gameplay styles as you explore their engaging life story.

Evolve and explore with friends: Team up with friends online and take on new adventures in the shared open world.

Epic Combat: Engage in epic battles against enemies of all shapes and sizes while instantly switching weapons and gameplay styles to create a fighting style all your own.

New trailer for Tower of Fantasy introduces the characters and their abilities

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Explore and interact: Explore and interact with a vibrant world full of life as you discover your own journey.