New Vodafone Mobile Internet Services.

Are we forgetting about Vodafone Live? Well, for the not too distant future, yes. It is the proposal that Vodafone with the New mobile Internet servicesa commitment to offer more open and simpler access to the Internet from the telephone.

It is true that in many mobile models, which although they allow Internet access do not have this as their main function, it is not always easy to access the pages and sites that we want to visit, receive information automatically,… The proposal of Vodafone is to have all the content at your fingertips from the main screen.

This will be supported by several legs, the first of which is the active home screen, which Vodafone wants to implement in the vast majority of its phones from now on. This will make it possible to offer a common interface in all of them, with quick access to the most common functions.

New Vodafone Mobile Internet Services

The active home screen It consists of four parts: the Activity Bar, the My Stuff tab, the My Favorites tab, and the Internet tab. The simplest is that of My favouriteswhere we will have four contacts to whom we will have direct access to communicate with them, either by calling, with SMS,…

In the activity bar we can see at a glance the last calls, the last SMS received, the latest emails and we will have access to the agenda. Along with My favourites, it reminds me a bit of the Nokia 5800’s on-screen contacts implementation.

New Vodafone Mobile Internet Services

In the tab of My things we have direct access to various contents, both stored on the mobile and on the network, for example music, games, photos, videos,… but also YouTube videos, television,… all conveniently classified.

Finally, the tab Internet It is the one that offers easy access to all network functions, starting with a text box with the Google search engine, as well as the possibility of accessing the App Storethe Vodafone application store, where we can download and install these on the phone.

New Vodafone Mobile Internet Services

Vodafone announced earlier this year the Vodafone Joint Innovation Lab, in an agreement with Softbank, Verizon and China Mobile, which allows it to offer a api to develop applications that can then be distributed to all the clients of these operators, being able to integrate the payment system of the applications with the telephone bills.

access to the App Store It is not only done from the phone, but it can also be done from the computer, making it easier to browse the catalog, examine the available applications,… as well as send them directly to the phone to install them.

New Vodafone Mobile Internet Services

The other leg of New mobile Internet services it is My Webthe part that is most similar to Vodafone Live, but with the particularity that it is now a customizable page for the user where we can install widgets to access the content and configure it to our liking.

As in the case of the store, My Web It is accessible both from the computer and from the phone, synchronizing both versions. In fact, the My Web page from the computer can even be interesting as the browser’s home page, adding the information that interests us.

Obviously, all these services will only be used if we have a data flat rate, something to which it seems that little by little they are going to tend a large number of terminals. Will we all end up paying flat data rates? Well, probably not all of them, but a good number of users do.

New Vodafone Mobile Internet Services

And it is that it will be more than recommendable, since while the flat rate It has a price of 12 euros per month, including all connections to these services and music downloads through Vodafone Music. If we don’t have it, we can pay a fairly high price: *0.69 euros* for a connection of up to 5 MB .

These services will begin to be offered with three mobile phones: the Nokia 6210, the Nokia N85 and the Nokia N96, but the number of available terminals will be expanded, including other manufacturers and other operating systems, in addition to being offered to current owners of the new models to be added.