Newly registered domain names hint at Persona 5 spinoffs.

Earlier this week, developer Atlus applied for multiple domain names that could potentially be related to Persona 5 spinoffs. Just like with Persona 4 Arena, can we expect a fighting game version of Persona 5?

Developer Atlus applied for a number of interesting domain names at the beginning of this week. While the studio hasn’t announced anything yet, these domain names seem to hint at potential Persona 5 spinoffs. All of this has been arranged through a company called RyusOffice that has previously worked with Atlus in producing and planning projects.

A total of ten new domain names have been applied for, six of which stand out immediately:,,,, and You would think that there is little to be gained from these domain names, but there are a number of conclusions to be drawn if you compare this information with previous games.

Newly registered domain names hint at Persona 5 spinoffs

The rhythm spinoff for PS Vita Persona 4: Dancing all Night is known in Japan as P4D. So it’s possible that P5D is a sequel to this game, but with the characters from Persona 5. The same goes for Persona 4 Arena, known in Japan as P4U. Persona series director Kazuhisa Wada coincidentally indicated earlier this year that he was very interested in making an Arena spinoff of Persona 5, which may be the explanation of

P5AG and P5R have never been seen in Persona domain names before, so there may be some surprises. P3D could be a rhythm spinoff just like P5D, but then to Persona 3 and PQ2 could be a sequel to Persona Q that launched on 3DS in 2014. The other domain names that Atlus registered were simply for parts 8, 9 and 10, which could mean that the developer has already planned the future of the Persona franchise.

Newly registered domain names hint at Persona 5 spinoffs

In February of this year, Atlus sent one survey around to gauge interest in new titles. They asked their fans if they would like to play the following games:

  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin / Eternal Punishment HD console remake
  • Completely new “Persona 6”
  • Persona 5 dance game (sound action)
  • New Persona fighting game for “Persona 5”
  • “Persona 3” HD console remake
  • “Persona 1” HD console remake
  • “Persona” series board game
  • “Persona” series online game
  • “Persona” series shooting game
  • Persona 5 with added scenarios and new elements
  • Continuation of “Persona Q” and remake to other platforms
  • Persona 3 dance game (sound action)
  • Until the games are officially announced, it remains largely reasonably well-founded speculation. Persona 5 launched on PlayStation 3 and 4 last month and you can read our review of the game here.

    Newly registered domain names hint at Persona 5 spinoffs