14 reasons to visit France in 2024

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14 reasons to visit France in 2024


It looks like the 2023/24 season is shaping up to be a good one for skiing in France, with plenty of snow already on the slopes, which has sparked a number of French ski resorts will open earlier than expected.

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The sales

Forget Black Friday. Skip Cyber ​​Monday and Price-Drop Tuesday. Don’t pay attention to Real-Proper-Honest-Real-Deal Wednesday or Mad-Mega-Cost-Crash Thursday. Sales This is where the real savings are found in France. There are two sales periods: one in winter and one in summer. Everything else is just a promotion…

The winter sales begin, in almost all of France, on Wednesday January 10, and last until Tuesday February 6. In four border departments – Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle and Vosges – they begin on January 2.

Summer bargains can be discovered from Wednesday June 26 to Tuesday July 16.



France loves its festivals – which range from small local events that last a day or two to large international events that last for weeks.

And don’t think the seasons slow things down, with the Nice Carnival and the Menton Lemon Festival kicking off the festive season in early 2024.

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The festivals continue throughout the year and there are many more than we could list here – to name just a few of our favorites – the Dieppe Kite Festival (if you like Dieppe , don’t forget to also check out its herring festival), the huge Bayonne Festival in the southwest of France in summer, the Bastille Day fireworks throughout France, the music festival of Rock en Seine summer in Paris and the Lyon Festival of Lights in December.


Yes, it’s another festival. But it’s not just any other festival. It is the most glitzy and glamorous film festival that lasts for 11 days, under the warm Mediterranean sun of mid-May. Some of the biggest films of the year will premiere on the south coast of France: in 2023, Martin Scorsese’s Flowers of the Killer Moon debuted. While it’s still too early to tell which films will be in competition in 2024, expect to see some big names and big films in theaters.

Roland Garros

For nearly three weeks in May and June, Paris becomes the center of global tennis, as the world’s best players compete on the dusty red clay of Roland Garros. The goal? Titles at Roland Garros, one of the four Grand Slam events of the year.

80th anniversary of the Landing

June 6, 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy – and an opportunity to remember the sacrifice of those who fought and died to save the world from tyranny.

Exact details are yet to be finalized, but numerous events will take place to mark this very special anniversary with representatives from the French, British, American and Canadian governments paying tribute to the fallen, as well as to the few D-Day veterans still present. with us.

Apart from the anniversary itself, there are several excellent museums dedicated to the Allied landings dotted around Normandy, as well as memorials to those who died.



There’s more than one reason why France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, but summer is a big factor. The sun is hot, the views are spectacular, the food and drinks are flowing like champagne at a society wedding, and it’s peak festival time.

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If you don’t believe us, ask the experts – the French themselves who are decamping in mass to the beaches or the mountains in July and August.

Our best advice for summer 2024: the French Alps. As global temperatures rise, many people find Mediterranean beaches simply too hot in the height of summer, but the mountains provide a great alternative and French Alpine resorts are rapidly diversifying into summer tourism with a great offering of lakes, mountains and many outdoor activities.

The tour of France

The 2024 Tour begins in northern Italy, with a 206km route from Florence to Rimini on June 29. Because Paris is entirely Olympic, the race this year ends with an individual time trial from Monaco to Nice five days before the start of the ___III Olympiad in the capital.


The Paris Olympics

The opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games will take place on Friday July 26, as the Games officially begin. The opening ceremony will take place in the center of Paris, along the Seine. Tickets to watch from the seats are already sold out, but there will be a drawing for free tickets for standing room, probably in January 2024.

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If you’re not a fan of the Olympics, you may want to avoid Paris itself during the Games, as it will likely be very crowded, but so far there is no indication of increased prices or travel problems for people who want to visit the rest. of France while the Games take place. France is a big country, so there are plenty of places you can escape to if sports aren’t your thing.


The Paralympic Games

The 17th Paralympic Games – bringing together some 4,400 of the world’s most remarkable Paralympic athletes – will take center stage in Paris from the end of August. The 11 days of competition, comprising 549 events spread across 20 venues, will be a must-see on the sporting calendar in 2024.

Tickets are both cheaper and easier to obtain than for the Olympics, and the same iconic Paris venues will be used to host the events.

Vendée Globe

On the Atlantic coast of France, round-the-world sailors are preparing for the quadrennial solo, non-stop round-the-world sailing race. Most Vendée Globe the action, by definition, takes place far from France – but the departure (November 10) and arrival take place in France.

Even if you don’t like sailing, the west coast of Vendée is an ideal vacation spot.

Christmas markets

Germany can rightly claim to be the festive celebration capital of the world, but France really does offer some good Christmas markets, whether you opt for the cross-border styles of Strasbourg and Colmar, or the very Provençal versions of the south of the country .

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Notre-Dame reopens

Paris’ grand cathedral was gutted by a fire in April 2019. President Emmanuel Macron has promised it would reopen in 2024 – and the current grand reopening date is December 8.

Already the the new spire is visible on the Paris skyline…

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The food

It’s a trope, but French gastronomy is revered for a reason. Each region adds something to the pot. And yes, some will insist that the sauce is overrated relative to the substance – but, frankly, you can safely ignore them because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Or they failed to click the link below first and chose… unwisely.

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