There are 3 of the JVL team behind this project: Nofate, Peluche, and Sunnmagic. You know them through their news, tests, news, shows, etc. but they are also in a Web series project that we have already talked about, called “2 Become”.

In this web series, we follow the (mis)adventures of Alex, the loud-mouthed real estate agent, and David, the shy video game salesman. The two friends are jaded by their work and their life in general, and will decide to give up everything to realize a childhood dream… to become actors!

A first episode is available (viewable below) to show the spirit of the project, but the team needs funding to be able to create more episodesin order to cover transport costs, food, equipment rental, etc.

This is why a campaign on Ulule was organized, it is 70% of its objective, and it ends tomorrow. It’s far from impossible, because if everyone gave 5, 10, 20, 50€,… or more, it could go very quickly!

Knowing that in exchange for your donation, you will receive gifts: DVDs, Posters, T-Shirts, Invitations to the set, Meals with the team, Concert tickets for the group that makes up the soundtrack, OH DEAR VEGAS!, etc…

If you cannot participate in this collection, do not hesitate to at least share its address on your social networks, or to talk about it around you, there is only one day left to do it:!

We count on you

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