On the other hand, “67 people did not agree to respect the rule”, specified the Minister of National Education on BFMTV.



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First day for the school abaya ban. At the start of the school year, on Monday September 4, “298 people showed up in abaya” in their school, reported the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, on BFMTV, Tuesday, September 5. ” A great majority ” agreed to delete it and “67 people did not agree to respect the rule”. “They went home. They will come back to school to go to class, we will see if in the meantime they have respected the rule”, he completed.

The number of students showing up for the abaya could change on Tuesday, with most first and last year students returning to school that day. “My services will remain vigilant”, said Gabriel Attal. The Minister also specified that a letter had been given to students presenting themselves in abaya in order to explain this new ban to their parents.

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