The gaming industry has come a long way since video games became mainstream in the 1980s. Gamers are excited every time a new game is released or new hardware is introduced. The PS5 hardware reveal in 2020 has so far garnered more than 39 million views on YouTube, a clear sign that gaming has become quite popular. The innovative technologies used in the gaming industry have crossed over into other sectors. Here are some of the gaming technologies that are commonly used in other industries.

Virtual Reality

Video game producers now offer simulators and virtual reality (VR) headsets to create a more immersive experience. Gamers can virtually transport themselves to different worlds such as theme parks, the future, and take tours using this technology. Due to the rising demand for this technology, the global VR gaming revenue is projected to grow from $0.4 billion in 2017 to $2.4 billion by 2024.

VR is also widely used in the healthcare sector. Medical professionals use it for the treatment of PTSD and anxiety. The technology is used to recreate real-life situations in a safe virtual environment to treat patients.

VR is commonly used in the automotive sector by dealerships and automakers. Car buyers now prefer to shop online and test drive new cars from their homes. With technologies like VR, they can take a car virtual tour and explore thousands of vehicles in dealerships. In addition, VR makes it possible to see the vehicle up close without visiting the dealership.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is responsible for the success of games such as Pokemon Go. Gamers can connect with their favorite fantasy worlds using AR, so developers are incorporating this technology in new games. And the technology is not only popular in the gaming industry. It’s also used in the auto industry.

Automobile manufacturers now use AR to fine-tune new cars before they enter the market–from the design stage to preliminary testing. AR offers interactive projection technology, improved image software, and remote control capabilities.

Motion and Gesture Control

Game developers have been incorporating gesture recognition in the games to make it easier for gamers to connect with the games physically. While this technology is popular in the industry, gesture technology is also used by companies that create products for people living with disabilities. In 2019, Waymo, a self-driving vehicle service, introduced gesture control software that could recognize hand signals by traffic police. This is a key safety technology for these vehicles.

3D Graphics

Older video games had 2D graphics which were of low quality. Game developers have been at the forefront of developing 3D graphics and adding special effects to make their games more appealing to users. The integration of 3D in gaming has boosted in-game interaction and created realistic images for players to fully immerse themselves in the gaming world.

3D technologies are now commonly used in industries such as manufacturing (during the creation of prototypes). Engineers and designers can create simulated products before developing them.

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