Monitor speakers will play a major role in your configuration. They offer significant advantages for recording and mixing. Let’s explore four good reasons to choose a monitoring speaker for your home studio.

Superior sound quality

Monitoring speakers, like the model Presonus eris 3.5, are designed to offer the most faithful sound reproduction possible. Unlike Hi-Fi speakers, which often color the sound to make it more pleasant to listen to, studio monitors aim for a neutral frequency response. This allows users to hear the audio as it was recorded, without embellishment or alteration.

This precision is an essential pillar for mixing and mastering. It helps detect and correct defects in recordings, ensuring that music sounds good on a variety of listening systems. As such, monitoring speakers are a key investment for anyone looking to produce professional quality work.

Features of the Presonus Eris

Loud speaker
Woofer 3.5″ Woven composite
Tweeter 1″ Silk Dome

Amplification type Class A/B bi-amplification
Power 25 Watts (x2)
Audio Inputs 2 x TRS jack, 2 x RCA, 1 x Aux In mini jack
Other 1 x mini-jack headphone output
Controls Volume, High, Low
Bluetooth No

Frequency response 80Hz – 20kHz
Max SPL 100dB
Crossover frequency NC

Energy consumption Max. NC
Dimensions (HxWxD) 210 x 141 x 162 mm (x2)
Weight 2.9Kg (pair)

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Compact Design : Ideal for small spaces.
  • Quality Sound : Provides a clear and neutral sound profile.
  • Versatile Entrances : Accepts various audio sources.
  • Affordable : Excellent value for money for the features offered.
  • Easy to Use Controls : Easy to adjust sound settings.


  • Bass Limitations : While impressive, the bass can be limited due to the size of the woofer.
  • No Bluetooth : Lack of wireless connectivity options.

Accurate music criticism

The use of monitoring speakers facilitates critical and detailed listening to music. Their ability to reproduce sounds clearly and in detail helps to better understand mixing. Subtle nuances in low, mid and high frequencies are more easily perceptible.

This is particularly beneficial when mixing complex tracks. Studio monitors allow music producers to identify problems such as conflicting frequencies, excessive resonance, or lack of balance in the mix. This precise listening is an invaluable asset for refining the sound quality of a musical project.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Monitor speakers offer adaptability and flexibility that make them ideal for a variety of home studio environments. They are available in different sizes, which allows them to be adapted to the available space. Additionally, many models are equipped with settings to adjust the frequency response, which is useful for compensating for the acoustic characteristics of the room.

Whether you have a small dedicated space or a larger studio, there are monitoring speakers to suit your needs. This flexibility makes it easier to create an optimal listening environment, a crucial aspect for music production.

Sustainability and long-term investment

Monitor speakers are built to last, making them a wise investment for any home studio. Made with high quality materials, they resist intensive use and temperature variations, guaranteeing increased longevity. This durability is a huge advantage for musicians or producers who use their equipment regularly.

Monitor speakers generally retain their value over time. Unlike some studio equipment that can become obsolete quickly due to advanced technologies, studio monitors remain relevant and effective for many years. This means that even if your musical style or production techniques evolve, your monitor speakers will remain a central part of your equipment.

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