Following up on our preview of Absolver, a technical action RPG published by Devolver Digital, here are our impressions of Shadow Warrior 2.

A sequel that’s still just as violent and gory?

In FPS, there is the school of finesse and that of jamming at will, and after testing Shadow Warrior 2, we can confirm that this sequel belongs to the second. We find Lo Wang, a mercenary whose mission is to defeat demons, using various firearms, a saber and magic. Everything is there for a good big let-off of steam. Despite the constant action, you will have to juggle between the different tools available, if you do not want to end up like the enemies you unsolder during your missions. So, it will be necessary to study the weak points of the opponents with a view to selecting the right weapon, in order to achieve the greatest possible damage.

In your killing trunk, you will be able to carry weapons which are linked to elements such as fire, electricity etc. With each shot, each hit, you will see the damage inflicted. If your firepower is not to your liking, you will have the opportunity to improve it with gems. They are limited to 3 per weapon. Moreover, your magical powers can, for example, be used to impale enemies who will continue to suffer your rage even when skeweredor even to treat yourself, a great classic.

Each game will be unique, and your memory will not be an option to survive in this world of brutes

Among this arsenal that will cause liters of blood to flow per second, we find the chainsaw, our favorite. What a pleasure to wait for a henchman of Satan to approach us, and to turn on this toy. You will not only cut it automatically, but also choose the direction, angle.

Among the new features, we will note the presence of a single-player campaign fully playable up to 4 players. But that’s not all, unlike the first episode which was linear, this new part will change the situation. Indeed, the level design, the content, everything is generated procedurally. Each game will be unique, and your memory will not be an option to survive in this brutal world. The game should therefore be constantly renewed, which will perhaps motivate you to restart levels to acquire ever more strength.


After the return of Doom, Shadow Warrior 2 has every chance of attracting players lacking old-fashioned, heavy-handed and gory titles. The addition of 4-player cooperation should also motivate more than one, as will the procedural generation of level design and content, which will surprise them in the long term.

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