6 to 12 months in prison required for those responsible for Emmaüs

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6 to 12 months in prison required for those responsible for Emmaüs

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The director and his deputy as well as their wives are accused of the disappearance of 57,000 euros from the association’s coffers, between 2017 and 2023. The court’s decision has been reserved and will be communicated on January 16.

A suspended prison sentence of six to twelve months was requested on Tuesday November 28 in Montauban against two Emmaüs officials and their wives, after the disappearance between 2017 and 2023 of 57,000 euros from the association’s coffers. The court’s decision has been reserved and will be communicated on January 16.

During the hearing, the director and deputy director of Emmaüs in Tarn-et-Garonne, who deny being at the origin of this disappearance of funds, had to justify the deposit at approximately the same time of sums in cash exceeding 140,000 euros in total. on accounts belonging to them.

In court, the director, aged 54, stressed that the 83,000 euros deposited in cash between 2018 and 2022 came from donations from the family of his wife, aged 49, or from money donated voluntarily by dozens of people housed in the couple’s house since 2002. .

“ I’m sure I didn’t take anything from Emmaus. Neither me nor my colleague“, he assured. Questioned by the president, he however recognized moments of “big mess in accounting» of the association, before claiming to have been aware of the disappearance of funds but not to have wished to report it, in particular so as not to harm the image of the association.

Financial direction ” calamitous, opaque»

“ You have an extremely selective memory“, estimated for her part the assistant prosecutor Lisa Bergereau, denouncing “false statements» of the accused in front of the police. The deputy director, aged 37, notably reported 45,000 euros in savings made with the help of the family of his wife, also aged 37, and kept in cash. “ This money does not come from Emmaus” , did he declare.

“ These are fanciful and unverifiable explanations“, summarized the vice-prosecutor, regarding the defendants’ statements on the origin of the funds, further qualifying the ” Financial direction» of the association of “calamitous, opaque“.

The two responsible are being prosecuted in particular for “breach of trust to the detriment of an association calling on the public to raise funds for humanitarian or social aid“. Their wives are also being prosecuted, notably for “ aggravated bleaching”, because the money was deposited into joint accounts or life insurance.

Tuesday evening, Lisa Bergereau notably requested suspended prison sentences: 12 months for the director, eight for the assistant director and six for each of their wives. In 2019, after the report of an accountant of a “hole» of 57,000 euros in the accounts, the president of Emmaüs du Tarn-et-Garonne had filed a complaint.

On Tuesday, the association’s lawyer, Angèle Feres-Massol, asked the court for reimbursement of the missing funds, while defense lawyers requested the release of their clients.

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6 to 12 months in prison required for those responsible for Emmaüs - 1

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