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a crisis with many faces
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Published on 08/12/2023 10:17

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In addition to facing a water crisis, Mayotte faces growing insecurity as well as daily riots. The Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, will visit the site on Friday December 8.

Tap water one day out of three and often unfit for consumption, this is daily life in Mayotte. The island’s inhabitants are deprived of this vital resource due to drought. Some are forced to surrenderat the wellto obtain water, which is not drinkable. “It feels like a third world country”regrets a local resident.

77% of residents live below the poverty line

To deal with this problem, the French government has extended the distribution of water packs to the entire population. 300,000 people are affected by water cuts in Mayotte. In addition to water problems, there are daily riots affecting the island. Police escort school buses to prevent attacks. 77% of residents live below the poverty line. The Prime Minister will visit the site this Friday, December 8. This is the first trip by a head of government since Manuel Valls in 2015.

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