A house collapses in Castelferrus, in Tarn-et-Garonne


A house collapses in Castelferrus, in Tarn-et-Garonne

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This evening, around 6:30 p.m., a house located in Castelferrus collapsed. No injuries were reported but the owner will have to be rehoused.

This Sunday evening, at 6:30 p.m., a call was received by the firefighters. The wall of a house and a large part of its roof simply collapsed. It is located in the heart of the village of Castelferrus, route de Belleperche.
“It’s an old house made of bricks and earth like many houses in the village,” says Guy Dupuy, the mayor of the town, “and I think that with all the rain that has fallen and the bad weather conditions of recent days , this weakened the building,” he believes.

“Fortunately, there were no injuries, but the gentleman who lives there and who owns the house will have to be rehoused,” he continues.
Firefighters immediately rushed to the scene and were tasked with removing the rubble that had fallen on the road. A police team was also dispatched to the area to ensure the security of the area and set up a diversion.

“It’s in this same neighborhood that a house burned down last year,” says the village’s first councilor. In April 2022, a house in the town was completely destroyed by a fire. Here too, the fire did not spread to neighboring homes and caused no injuries.

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