A Metal Gear Solid project coming soon? Snake and Miller respond


A Metal Gear Solid project coming soon?  Snake and Miller respond

Since leavingHideo Kojima from Konami, many imagine that the Metal Gear Solid saga could return in the form of a remake of the first opus, a fantasy reinforced by a rumor that wanted Bluepoint Games (Shadow of the Colossus PS4) to be in charge of such a version . A desire that was reinforced a short time ago, because ofa series of tweets from Robin Atkin Downes (voice of Kazuhira Miller) and David Hayter (voice of Solid Snake and Naked Snake).

Following these various messages, tempers flared and some thought that the two men were going to participate in Death Stranding, that they were teasing a remake of MGS 1 or even a new episode.

Faced with an influx of ever more important questions, the two friends finally defused all this since it was actually a question of meeting around a livestream to interact with the community.

In the preamble, everyone first presented the experience they were able to draw from having worked on such a license, before announcing that although they hoped that a new episode would see the light of day, there was no had nothing planned in this direction for the moment:

Hayter : Do we miss working on the series? Yes ! Being Snake was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a really good string of games. It’s always an adventure to make a new Metal Gear game, and to work with these amazing actors, and with our English voice director Kris Zimmerman. So yeah, I kinda miss it.

Downes : Yeah, I’d love to work on something, anything with you again. Unfortunately, we would like to clarify that there is nothing planned for the moment. We just want it to be clear. But it’s great to see so many people tweeting about it, of course i would agree to that.

Hayter : I hope there will be things to announce. I don’t know how much experience Robin has with tweeting for the Metal Gear community, but I have quite a bit. And when he sent me that first message, I was like, “oh no, they’re going to explode.” So I apologize for all the misconceptions about a new Metal Gear game and everything. i would love to do it. We will see if Konami will do it, because they own the rights.

You understood, so there is nothing planned at the moment.

It remains to be seen why Robin Atkin Downes involved the Game Awards account in this affair (perhaps to finally release a tribute video to Metal Gear Solid 1’s 20th anniversary on US soil?), but as it stands, all that noise has gone nowhere and will no doubt remind fans of another David Hayter teaser which aimed to announce his participation… in a Ford ad…

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