For their fourth edition, the Game Awards have done things big. More than ever, the show has won a place of choice alongside E3, Gamescom or even Paris Games Week regarding announcements. This has not escaped the notice of many video game enthusiasts who watched the show last week. Success is there as the creator of the event pointed out.

Indeed, The Game Awards 2017 attracted no less than 11.5 million spectators across the planet, three times more than in 2016. The show’s official hashtag was also used almost three times more than last year, and users doubled their number of tweets about it. On several occasions, the show found itself in the top Tweet world when it was broadcast. To top it off, The Game Awards generated more messages than any other non-sports program on television and cable.

Of course, these staggering figures were boosted thanks to the many previews that came from all over the world. Whether it’s Bayonetta 3, Death Stranding, Dreams, Witchfire, In the Valley of Gods or even From Software’s new project, there was plenty to please fans around the world. Overall, the show has also gained in professionalism with very few false notes.

One of the highlights was when Josef Fares took the stage to talk about his game: A Way Out. The creator of this new license left in a monologue which will undoubtedly remain famous on the internet. The boss of Hazelight Studios not only defended EA regarding the controversy of micro-transactions on Star Wars Battlefront II, but he also sent a big “” to the Oscars and the film industry (where it comes from) in general.

On this subject, Geoff Keighley also mentioned the fact that Fares is a friend of his and that with this speech, he unfortunately relegated his game to the background even if it made a lot of talk. The journalist also mentioned that The Game Awards don’t have to be “the Oscars of video games” to be legitimate.. Anyway, the appointment is already made for the fifth edition of the Game Awards in December 2018.

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