A producer confirms it, the Devil May Cry series is changing its timeline


A producer confirms it, the Devil May Cry series is changing its timeline

Devil May Cry 3 > Devil May Cry > Devil May Cry 4 and finally Devil May Cry 2 was the idea of ​​the timeline that many fans had in mind, while considering Devil May Cry 2 as a game a little to go.

Until now Capcom had never communicated on the subject, leaving the fans in confusion, but the veil was lifted on the real Devil May Cry timeline via a tweet which calls everything into question. The latter was published by matt walkerproducer at the Japanese publisher:

Yep, we’ve changed the order – Dmc4 now comes after DMC2. ^^;

— Matt Walker (@gypsyOtoko) February 7, 2019

Is it true that the Devil May Cry timeline has changed?

I absolutely agree with this change, but I was wondering if it was correct: (Devil May Cry) 3 => 1 => the anime => 2 => 4 => 5 #DevilMayCry #DMC5

yes we have changed the order – Dmc4 is placed after DMC2 now ^^

As you can read officially above, the new timeline is therefore as follows: Devil May Cry 3 > Devil May Cry > Devil May Cry 2 > Devil May Cry 4 > Devil May Cry V . Devil May Cry 2 is lodged in the shoehorn, just before the 4th opus. A news that is surprising when we look at the narrative framework of the games.

Warning, Spoiler Alert!!

At the time already, Devil May Cry 2 seemed completely disconnected, Dante was older and cold there, no allusion to the characters and the story of the first opus. The big bad and Lucia, the second playable character, came out of nowhere. In short, no connection with Devil May Cry first of the name, if not Dante himself and Phantom, an arachnid boss. On top of that, the game’s ending saw Dante ride off to the bottom of hell using his motorbike, though a post-credits scene hinted at his return without giving concrete evidence.

The strangest thing is that Capcom built a real universe around the first Devil May Cry without ever making any mention of the second episode. Devil May Cry 3 was therefore released as a prequel, while Devil May Cry 4 took on the role of a sequel, featuring all the characters from the saga except those present in the second opus. Definitely, really nothing seemed to connect Devil May Cry 2 to the lore of the license and yet, it is now positioned between the first and the 4th opus.

This change raises a lot of questions and somewhat upsets the storyline consistency of the license. Why this sudden reversal? No idea.

We just have to wait for the March 8, 2018, release date of Devil May Cry V on PS4, Xbox One and PC in order to see more clearly. At least we hope so.

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