Quantic Dream and Sony are over. The studio is therefore looking for a new partnership. What if he had already found it? Yes, according to a rumor conveyed by a youtuber and former French journalist (Gautoz), the box of David Cage has already signed a contract with Disney to adapt Star Wars.

A noise that seems confirmed for the insider Tom Henderson (DualShockers), who, for his part, inquired with a certain rather confident source. A work of information that highlighted a certain element not devoid of interest: not only would the project exist, but it would also have started some time ago, 18 months ago to be exact. A time during which development would have started? We don’t know.

In another conversation, I also spoke to someone who provided compelling evidence that they had contacts at Quantic Dream and reported that the studio’s Star Wars game had been in the works for about 18 months. (…) Rumors within the French developer community suggest that the title may have started to be developed in recent months.

–Tom Henderson

To be continued…

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