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The controversy is gaining momentum in Tarn, following the angry gesture of a teacher, who threw a pen at a student. The parents filed a complaint. Teachers denounce the lack of support from their superiors. Two schools in Graulhet will be on strike this Tuesday.

This Thursday, October 5, in a class at Victor Hugo primary school in Graulhet, the students are particularly dissipated. They shoot each other with erasers during class. The exasperated teacher reprimands one of them. “I don’t throw it away, I pass it on to my friend,” explains the person concerned.

Wanting to show him the difference between the verbs “throw” and “pass”, the teacher then throws her pen in the direction of the student. The object bounces off his desk and hits his glasses. No bodily or property damage was reported, but the schoolboy reported the incident to his parents. Who decides to file a complaint?

“Summoned to the gendarmerie, during this hearing we will take the fingerprints and DNA of our colleague, as for an offender,” relates, indignant, Thomas Verdier, departmental co-secretary of FSU-SNUipp. Given the turn this event took, the professor filed a request for functional protection which was granted to her.

Friday November 17, accompanied by two union representatives, she was received by Marie-Claire Duprat, the academic director of Tarn, at the headquarters of the Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education (DSDEN) in Albi.

At the end of this interview which lasted more than an hour, the professor did not feel well. She collapsed at the foot of the DSDEN steps. The firefighters transferred her to the hospital emergency room, where she was released after examination. She is off work until the end of this week. “This is the first time that an interview has ended in such a dramatic way, but more and more frequently, colleagues come out of interviews with the hierarchy exhausted, drained, questioning their professionalism,” denounces, in a press release , FSU. -SNUipp.

” That’s enough ! »

“It was a one-sided interview. Only reprimands, at no time the slightest support from her hierarchy for this teacher who in around fifteen years of practice has never had the slightest problem”, reports Thomas Verdier, present during this interview which he describes as “d ‘a hardness quite rare and extremely trying’.

In Graulhet, this Tuesday, in solidarity with their colleague, the teachers of the Victor Hugo and Crins schools will be on strike. The city’s two other schools will operate in degraded mode.

When contacted, the academic director said she was initially stunned by the extent that this controversy had taken on, particularly on social networks. She specifies: “I reiterate my attachment to the values ​​of dialogue and listening that I have always favored. I ensure that safety conditions are respected for both teachers and students. No sanction was imposed against the professor. Only a reminder to the manager was requested during the interview, encouraging him to change his attitude towards students and parents.

The FSU-SNUipp is calling for a strike this Tuesday, November 21 in all schools in the department. A gathering will take place this Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in Albi, in front of the academic management. “This strike and this rally are an opportunity for all of us who increasingly see the lack of support from our hierarchy when a problem arises in our schools to say that we are fed up! », Underlines this union.

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A teacher accidentally throws a pen at a student, parents file a complaint and teachers go on strike

a teacher targeted by a complaint after an “awkward” pen throw at a student, her colleagues on strike

parents file complaints, school teachers on strike

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