Bad news for Ubisoft. Barely Watch Dogs 2 exit, a group of five executives of the company find themselves under investigation by the AMF for suspicion of insider trading.

So, three months before the first Watch Dogs and The Crew are postponed to an exit in 2013, the executives sold their shares in the company and are accused of having done so knowing that the shares would lose their value upon the announcement of this postponement.
Executive director Yannis Mallat, vice president of executive operations Olivier Paris, and vice president in charge of company contracts Francis Baillet are among those incriminated, with two other accused whose identity remains to be determined.

Mallat spoke in the magazine La Presse saying:

I never had any information about the postponement of Watch Dogs, leave The Crew aside, leave aside the fact that an announcement of this type would not necessarily give rise to a new release date, which I think would have more impact (than a postponement).

Mallat then criticized the AMF (Financial Markets Authority) by specifying that:

All our explanations, all our testimonies, all our emails are systematically ignored. Everything suggests that the AMF has very poor knowledge of how video games are designed.

These accusations are a dark affair. It remains to be seen how the investigations into this matter will continue, particularly if the suspicions prove confirmed.

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