Like many cities in France, several overseas municipalities experienced several nights of tension, in particular that from Thursday to Friday, linked to the death of the young Nahel in Nanterre.

Tensions erupted overseas, on the night of Thursday to last Friday, in reaction to the death of Nahel, this 17-year-old minor, killed by police fire during a check in Nanterre.

In Guyana, riots broke out in several districts of Cayenne. A 50-year-old man was fatally hit by a stray bullet. A shot that was, according to the prosecutor, in the direction of the police. An investigation is currently underway.
Violence also in Martinique, groups of people set fire to garbage cans in Schoelcher, thus creating barricades.
In Reunion, it is in the commune of Port that the police intervened most often. The House of Justice and the Citizen was set on fire, a vandalized . The prefect of Reunion calls for calm and appeasement.

Malaria is back in Guyana

An epidemic focus was recently detected. This had not happened since 2015. The situation is taken very seriously by the authorities. Guyana 1st, Véronique Nizon.

The Piton de La Fournaise volcano erupting: an evacuation test

Lava flows are heading straight for the town of Sainte-Rose, in the east, this happened Tuesday morning, on the island of Reunion, and it was, very fortunately, only a great exercise nature, exercise intended to test all the evacuation devices, because these “great angers” of the volcano are likely, one day, to reproduce. Report, Meeting the 1st, Suzette Emma.

Polynesia: Air Tahiti regains color after the health crisis

It was baptized “Atanua”, and it is the 11th aircraft, brand new, of the domestic company Air Tahiti, a company which has regained all its colors, after the episode of the Covid; to the great joy, and also a little, it must be said, to the great astonishment, of its CEO, Manaté Vivish. Reaction at the microphone of our colleagues from Polynesia on the 1st.

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five Raid police officers taken into custody after the death of a 27-year-old man during the riots

RAID police officers summoned after the death of a young man during the riots

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