After the murder of Thomas in Crépol, Olivier Véran warns of the “risk of tipping” of society

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After the murder of Thomas in Crépol, Olivier Véran warns of the “risk of tipping” of society

What cost Thomas his life was not “a simple fight on the sidelines of a village ball”but “a tragedy that exposes us to the risk of change in our society, if we are not up to the task”warned, Monday, November 27, the government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, during a visit to Crépol, in Drôme, where the tragedy took place.

“It is up to the courts to deliver justice. Not to the French themselves”he continued, recalling that nine suspects had already been charged, notably for “organized gang murder”a charge punishable by life imprisonment.

“Justice allows us to not give in to the temptation of revenge through the violence committed in Roma by far-right factions driven by hatred and resentment. (…) Violence must not respond to violence”insisted Mr. Véran, castigating “those who cry for vengeance instead of demanding justice”.

Several dozen activists from the identity movement, from all over France, gathered on Saturday and Sunday in Romans-sur-Isère, a neighboring town of Crépol, where Thomas studied and where some of the suspects prosecuted for their participation in the violence which caused the death. of the 16-year-old high school student on November 18.

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The government “ lucid »

Venus ” to fight “ According to the authorities, the hooded activists were pushed back on Saturday evening by the police, who made around twenty arrests. One of them was attacked and undressed by strangers during the procession organized near the Monnaie district, where some of the suspects are believed to have come from.

On Sunday, a new far-right rally gave rise to seven arrests, including those of four young people from this sensitive neighborhood.

Mr. Véran assured Monday that the government was “lucid” in front of the “violence which sometimes breaks out alone, but which comes together in packs, which, each time and wherever it strikes, further exacerbates the tensions in our society”.

“You can’t stand these violent gangs anymore, neither can we”he blurted out, promising “the full mobilization of the government to guarantee the security of all citizens”.

“Civil War Highway”

The gathering of identity activists in Romans-sur-Isère on Saturday evening sparked numerous reactions from political leaders. On Monday, the national secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, estimated that the far right “leads us down the highway of civil war in Europe” In “stirring up hatred” and in ” sent(ant) (its) militias provoke urban riots, like in Ireland (…) or organize the ratonnade in Romans-sur-Isère ».

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PCF leader attacked » to the media Bolloré, CNews, Europe 1, The JDD » who put “this topic in “one”” For ” manage ” that the far right took it over and invited everyone “to measure the comments that can be made in these media”.

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After the murder of Thomas in Crépol, Olivier Véran warns of the “risk of tipping” of society - 1

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