Famous in particular for the Kaamelott series, Alexandre Astier likes to surprise the public and set himself new challenges since he will be found as a voice actor in a video game.

It is in fact Mass Effect: Andromedafourth part of the saga scheduled for March 23 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, in which he will overtake August Bradley. The actor is proud to join the cast of the game since he has a lot of esteem for this license that he experienced while watching his children play.

For his part, he appreciates video games but mainly RTS, as he explained to the site lepoint:

But I’m more RTS, I’ve played a lot of all the major RTS licenses including Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, Age of Empire Mythologies on DS, or Command and Conquer. I think my first RTS must have been Dune 2: the Battle for Arrakis on Mega Drive and it was great! But I also really like “paper” role-playing games.

Can we expect the same phenomenon in video games as in the world of animation with celebrities to voice our favorite characters?

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