All islands in order in a One Piece game

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All islands in order in a One Piece game

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m always amazed at how much creativity Roblox creators can infuse into their custom games. Such is the case with A One Piece Game, which resembles the anime in a very specific way: both are filled with locations that are exclusively islands. And because there are a decent number of islands, with their own NPCs, enemies, and missions, it’s important to get things done in a timely manner. Here are all the islands in order in A One Piece Game.

All islands in order in a One Piece game

You will encounter many things on your travels throughout A One Piece Game. All islands are located on or above the sea. Be careful when traveling across the land, if a Devil Fruit user falls into the water they will take damage. This damage input can be reduced by being a Fishman. There are two seas in the game, here they are both with all the islands included. Here are all the islands in order in A One Piece Game.

The first sea

  1. departure island
  2. City of seashells
  3. Wild region
  4. Arlong Park
  5. City of Orange
  6. Skypea
  7. Desert island
  8. Arena
  9. Marineford
  10. Syrup Village
  11. push down
  12. Flamingo Island
  13. Luffy’s Island
  14. ice island
  15. punk hazard
  16. Phoenix nest
  17. Heat 66

Different islands:

The second sea

  1. Enies Lobby
  2. would be the island
  3. Photon area
  4. pirate paradise
  5. Sengoku Domain
  6. outlaw island
  7. Island of the Nobles
  8. Dressrossa
  9. Volcanic biome
  10. Here
  11. Onigashima
  12. gun island
  13. Domain of the Fire Fist
  14. Udon Jail
  15. Water 7

Different islands:

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Now that you know how to progress further in order, go ahead and sail the seas and visit all the islands in order in A One Piece Game. There’s a lot to do and collect, so have fun!

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