Hope Pop Quiz is one of the best in-game events of Dislyte. The event usually takes place whenever a new esper is released in the game. The event gives you juicy rewards for each correct answer (1 gold) and a decent participation reward if you get it wrong (100 nexus crystals).

We want to help you get those recordings, so we’ve compiled all the answers to all the Esper Pop Quiz questions!

Every Esper Pop Quiz question and answer in Dislyte

Question Answer
In mythical accounts, Amunet is closest to which of the following gods? Has my
What is Zora’s current occupation? Bounty hunter
Which of the following items is Zora’s favorite? rabbit toy
What mythology does Frigga come from? Norse
What city does Abigail live in? Utgard
What is Abigail’s current occupation? Mayor

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How to Unlock Dislyte Pop Quiz Questions

If you don’t have access to all the quizzes yet, it’s because you have not completed all specific tasks needed to unlock them. Here are their requirements:

First question

  • Daily login
  • Spends 200 stamina points
  • Complete the Miracle Cube
  • Complete 2 bounty missions

Second question

  • Daily login
  • Win five Point War battles
  • Obtain five 4-star+ Relics of the Ritual Miracle
  • Promote Esper star rating once

Third question

  • Daily connection.
  • Consumes 500 stamina points.
  • To be determined
  • To be determined

The last two other prerequisites differ depending on which Esper quiz you take. For example, the first set of prerequisites might be:

  • Consumes 500 stamina points.
  • Daily login
  • Upgrade relics 10 times
  • Ride an Esper 3 times

While the other set can be:

  • Consumes 500 stamina points.
  • Daily login
  • Erase the Miracle Cube
  • Obtain ten 4-Star Relics of the Ritual Miracle.

So always keep an eye out for the last two prerequisites in the last pop quiz as it may be different from the last one.

But there you have it! Hope this guide helps you get those records, and may the RNG gods always be in your favor.

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