Bethesda is known for offering seemingly endless customization possibilities. From the outposts/bases, you can create from scratch, meeting all your needs, depending on the type of man/woman/star person you want to be. Although aesthetics aren’t everything, they hold an important place in our hearts for those who love to personalize. Being able to travel across infinite galaxies is already a fantasy in itself, so why wouldn’t you want to be on the best possible side and inside the ship of your dreams? Whether you’re a pirate ambushing your competitors, a drug smuggler on a mission to harvest crucial minerals for your concoctions, or a simple traveler, the appearance of your ship is important. This is where the HAB comes into play.

In Starfield, the HAB (Habitat) gives players a unique look for their ship. It’s primarily used for aesthetics and does nothing regarding stats, storage capacity, defenses against pirates, or a clever disguise against ID scans when traveling with contraband. However, each unique HAB has different resources available for purchase, such as different numbers of crew members, benches, and research terminals. The offering includes 3 unique HAB looks for different types of players – Classic and Clean (minimal aesthetic focused on space stuff), Sci-Fi Nostalgia (Neil Armstrong in Apollo cosplay) and Humble Beginnings (A twist on the Factory aesthetic). Whatever the look, Starfield has you covered. This is Vincent’s guide to where to find everything unique HAB parts.

HAB Parts in Starfield – Location Guide

The HAB stands for Habitats and is what your entire ship looks like. It is important to note, however, that the Unique habitats are designed only for the interior of the Pioneer (ship). The more general HAB structures can dictate the exterior appearance and overall feel of the Pioneer as you traverse the galaxy. But thanks to the unique HABs, these transform the interior and overall shape of the ship, without the exterior looking like an eyesore. Offered habitats can be purchased through specific locations found on different solar systems. These HABs, whether you’re looking for unique pieces or shopping for the complete set inside and out, you’ll want to visit:

  • Deimos HQ (Deimos Staryard orbiting Mars)
  • Stroud Eklund Headquarters (Narion Staryard orbiting Dalvik)
  • Nova HQ (Staryard Station orbiting Luna)
  • HopeTech (Hopetown to Polvo)
  • Taiyo (Ryujin Tower in neon)

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Each HQ offers its own aesthetic, which will likely make the difference between your primary choice when choosing your ship’s interior design. For those wondering what each headquarters offers in terms of aesthetics and resources, here is the summary:

Maker Location Purchased from Aesthetic
Deimos HQ Deimos Staryard orbiting Mars (Sol System) Palm Henderson Clean military aesthetic
Stroud Eklund Headquarters Narion Staryard orbiting Dalvik (Narion system) Head office salesperson Clean military aesthetic
Nova HQ Staryard Station orbiting Luna (Sol System) Ship Services Technician Old school Apollo aesthetic
HopeTech Hopetown in Polvo (Valo System) Ship Services Technician Rugged, industrial aesthetic
Taiyo Use the elevator from Ryujin Tower to Neon, Volii Alpha (Volii system) Véronique Young Rugged, industrial aesthetic

While each offers a unique look, the interior of HopeTech and Taiyo, or Deimos and Stroud, is the same except for slight variations. ground And decorative objects. Although HABs are part of the ship’s exterior and interior, the unique habitats are only available for the Pioneer’s interior design. So for those looking to find the unique HAB pieces up for grabs, you need to visit the head office we have listed above. Are offered HAB, Landing gear, ___pitsand much more, which can be combined with each other regardless of the Brand, as long as you take note of the Basic Size (1×1, 2×1, And 3×1) for each structure you place inside the ship.

Finally, each HAB costs a varying amount of credits to purchase, so some aesthetics may be better chosen at the start of your Starfield journey than others. For example, if you are short on cash, opt for Deimos Or Wrap are the best options for Workshops because they offer all the means of manufacturing outside of a pharmaceutical laboratory.

How to assign HABs

When you have purchased the HABs through the brand(s)/manufacturer(s), these will not be automatically assigned and used on the Pioneer. If you want to assign indoor or outdoor HABs, you will need to use the Landing area (with the shipbuilder). The landing area must be made inside any planet on which you have built an outpost. To make one, you will need: Adaptive Frame x18, Beryllium x2, Iron x30, And x2 zero wire.

The unique HAB provides a larger area to move around in, with different resources per room, unlike standard structures you can purchase from each manufacturer. For this reason, you may find that certain HABs are better suited to your current in-game needs, depending on what workshops, benches, and crew stations you already have on board.

The primary use of unique HABs, however, is to expand the overall interior design of your ship, making it more lived-in and more personal to you, rather than a set of designated living/working quarters with only one function per room.

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