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Amanda Holden and Dan Jones uncover the story's coital secrets |  world news

If the lame pun in the title of ___: a crazy story didn’t inspire much confidence, so the sight of Amanda Holden as the lead presenter of this six-part story was completely turned off. Holden is known neither as a budding AJP Taylor nor as a prominent ___ologist. She is known as someone who would harbor a pathogen if the money was right, and so her appearance on a Sky History show about Nookie was a clear red flag.

Still, we shouldn’t judge, because given Britain’s history of sensible ___ TV (summary: there aren’t any. It’s all awkward giggles and pixelated penises), A Bonkers History was fine above atrocious.

Holden was partnered with Dan Jones, an excellent writer who television tends to use as a historian of ___y, even though he is not a historian of ___y. Together, standing uncomfortably in what they called an interactive ___ual history studio (it was a white room), they began by observing the proclivities of the Ancients.

Amid the usual mix of gratuitous nude re-enactments and Lucy Worsley-style disguises (e.g. Holden naked in a bath with a Cleopatra headdress, or throwing a javelin in a Spartan miniskirt, apropos of nothing in particular), Holden and Jones have done at least try to follow a thesis. Passing through the Greeks, the Egyptians, India in 300 AD and the “___-crazed” Romans, they showed that it was always as much about the battle for control of ___ as it was about the act of it. -even. They traced a history divided between the promiscuous (most of the Ancients, according to them) and those who want to regulate what is acceptable and what is not (and yes, it is Christian theology which is emerging with disapproval on the horizon).

We moderns, they concluded, are less comfortable with ___ and erotic imagery than our ancestors were thousands of years ago, which is a compelling theory until the we remember this thing called the Internet. Yet A Bonkers History reminded us that even talking about ___ the wrong way, with Holden in your pants, is better than not talking about it at all. History shows that repression never works.

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