Amateur rugby – Regional 1: ‘With the heart!’ Racing Montauban faces Montech in a close derby until the end!


Amateur rugby – Regional 1: ‘With the heart!’  Racing Montauban faces Montech in a close derby until the end!

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This time, it is the Montalbanais who emerge victorious from a derby that was indecisive until the final moments. They won 16-13 in this match on the 9th day.

For the second year in a row, the Racing Club Montalbanais and the Coquelicots Montéchois find themselves in the same group, and face each other in back-and-forth matches which attract large crowds each time. This was again the case this Sunday, in Bagatelle.

The two teams showed revenge, remaining with a defeat at the TUC for the Montalbanais, and at home against Saint-Lys for the Montéchois. Before kick-off yesterday afternoon, Racing were tied for first with a single point ahead of the Coquelicots, third; the leadership of the hen was therefore at stake, under a low sky, but not rainy. On a heavy pitch, both teams started the match at a brisk pace.

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Tom Tintinger misses his first penalty attempt from 22 meters in the corner (6th). A breakthrough from Lilo is then interrupted by a whistle from the referee (10th). The visitors took advantage of this period to open the scoring from the penalty spot, by Jérôme Bénac (0-3, 13th). Tom Tintinger missed his second attempt, before hitting the mark on the third (3-3, 23rd). Montech quite clearly dominated the second part of the first half.

We seemed to be heading towards this parity score, when in numerical superiority (white card for Kiri Mariner), on a reversal of attack, Duchayne scored from a corner, while the referee Aurélien Bru remained on the ground for a moment, before getting marked. quickly got up to grant the try, despite pain which was not going to prevent him from continuing the match.

Defensive bonus for Montech

At the start of the second half, a microphone call was made for any qualified referee to come forward; no one will answer the call. Racing then sends Kiri Mariner to the line, and the referee awards the penalty try (10-10, 46th). Each team added a penalty in this very close derby for a parity score entering the last quarter of an hour (13-13).

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Nobody could say that the men trained by Cédric Garcia and Christophe Miatto and those of the trio Jean-Philippe Combalbert, Jérôme Barthélémy and Norbert Messmeman were going to make the difference. Baptiste Delpech missed the target, but ten meters closer, Tom Tintinger found the target (16-13, 72nd). With confidence, Montech does not attempt a penalty to equalize at 22 meters (75th).

But the penalty is stolen by Montauban, as is the following throw. Despite Vungakoto Lilo’s yellow card in stoppage time, the Coquelicots will give everything to win. Without success, Racing won its derby, a real performance.

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And now. Next Sunday, both teams will play at home; the men of presidents Robert Lacaze and Léonore Dayriès will welcome Caraman at Bagatelle, and those of Stéphane Pinasseau and Laurent Ginestet will welcome the TUC at the Launet stadium.


Kiri Mariner (center of Racing Montauban): “I am all the more happy with this victory as we have just beaten a very good Montech team, very strong up front and well organized behind. This resulted in a very close match. The victory allows us to remain in first place. We won this match with heart. We built our victory over the minutes. The injury to my friend Florent Domenech made me fall behind. Now I like playing up front as much as behind. »
Robert Lacaze (co-president of Racing Montauban): “It was a very important derby for everyone, and in the end a close victory, against a great Montech team. Our boys pulled their guts out for 80 minutes or more, so we could win with us. It is essential. You have to keep your head high. We miss our injured players very much. I have a big thought for them, because they are players that I like. We must continue. I see my coaches, I’m happy to see them. They are family. »
Guillaume Bergé (pillar of Montech): “It was a very competitive match that we could have won or lost. Today, things are going well for them, I hope it will be the opposite in the return match. We sometimes made bad choices, not taking points. We have regrets. A real derby without a bad move. »
Julien Cavalié (second row of Montech): “As we expected, this match was very complicated and was decided on details, between two teams who ended up with a defeat. The draw would have a good result. Even a little more since we stayed in their camp for a long time in » We did not manage to get there, unlike them. We took a point from a club that wants to move up to Federal 3, not everyone will do it. “

Amateur rugby – Regional 1: ‘With the heart!’ Racing Montauban faces Montech in a close derby until the end! - 1

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