Amateur rugby: “We have to pull ourselves together! » Too much delay in lighting for Valence d’Agen, beaten at home by Fleurance in Nationale 2

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Amateur rugby: “We have to pull ourselves together!  » Too much delay in lighting for Valence d’Agen, beaten at home by Fleurance in Nationale 2

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After raising their heads last week in La Seyne, the Tarn-et-Garonnais lost for the second time of the season on their ground this Sunday, October 8 (20-17, 5th day), again against the Gersois, after a completely failed match. start the meeting.

Everything had been organized, Sunday October 8, in Valence d’Agen so that rugby day would be a big celebration, while being a day of memory. It all started with a pre-match meal at the Halle Jean-Baylet bringing together many guests, the author of the three presidents, and the mayor Jean-Michel Baylet; it continued with the Espoirs match against La Seyne, followed by that of Nationale 2 against Fleurance, and ended with the curtain dropping of the Meerkats in Fédérale 2 feminine against La Vallée du Girou preceded by a vibrant and moving tribute to the memory of Ombeline. Carried.

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A match also as part of Pink October with balloons recalling it in the entrance corridor of the field and a symbolic kick-off given by Nicole Demathieu after explaining that “mammography is life”, she who beat four cancers.

Unfortunately for the Valenciens, Kévin Lecareux’s teammates completely experienced the start of the match, conceding ten points in seven minutes including a try on an 80-meter restart, concluded by Florian Lanave (7th). The Tarn-et-Garonnais seem to be getting back into the match, but it is Gers captain Pierre Dupouy who scores the second try of the match, on a new restart (22nd).

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Too mediocre to be true! The revolt came from a deep scrum followed by a strong try from Roy Lolesio, after two handball penalties (35th). 13 points behind at the break (20 to 7) for the players coached by Nicolas Crubilé, Jérôme Pradelle and Duncan Naude.

A frustrating defensive bonus point

The second half will this time be quite clearly to the advantage of the Valencians. The two tries from Salem Khanfous (50th, 80th+4) will show the renewed will, but this is not enough to cast doubt on a Gers team which counted on its lead from the first period, despite several numerical inferiorities.

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Clearly, Valence d’Agen, who remained on a victory at La Seyne-sur-Mer, does not like hosting the Gers teams. Fleurance came to seek victory points like Auch a few weeks earlier. The Tarn-et-Garonnais must be satisfied with the defensive bonus point. They certainly would have hoped for better. This would have required a much better start. The “sky and white” will have to find the solution to win at home.

And now. Next Sunday, during the next day of the championship, Valence d’Agen will travel to Dijon, while Fleurance will take the road to La Seyne-sur-Mer. Faraway trips, without the pressure of results at home.


Jean-Michel Baylet: “We have to pull ourselves together. Against Auch, we could consider that it was our first match in Nationale 2. There, we were below everything. In the first half, we didn’t exist at all. “There is no courage, no we are going to stick our noses into the groups. We were dominated, eaten, cut up. In the second half, we rebalanced but not enough. If we continue like this, we are heading straight downhill. It plays like that, we’re going to have all the opponents who are going to come and win at home, it’s catastrophic. It’s rugby close to zero in terms of commitment, will. It allows you to pull yourself together quickly, I said in front of the coach and the president. »

Nicolas Crubilé (manager-trainer): “We’re gone for the first half hour. Afterwards, be courageous, we get back into the match, but when we start with this score, against this kind of team, we are too far away. There are the results that I look at, which are essential, but then there is the content. We changed strategy at half-time, it worked a little better. We regained control of the ball, but our first twenty minutes were eliminations. It’s not just the ball. responsible players, I also have my share. We have to find solutions because losing 20-17 at home is not acceptable. »

Yves Lescout (3rd row): “We suffered too much in the first twenty minutes. We said to ourselves, let’s not scratch, it would have been better to scratch the balloons. After the conquest, it’s my fault, we didn’t dominate enough. What I remember positively is that when we fight, we are capable of overthrowing any team.

Reda Benlebbad (pillar): “We don’t enter the match, we take twenty points in twenty minutes. We can’t win a match when we’re down like that, it’s not possible. We need to put more pressure on the opposing team. ‘entrance. »

Valentin Raphaël (scrum half): “We didn’t manage to score in the first minutes, we did at the end but it was too late. We will have to work on our start to the match.”
Jérôme Pradelle (coach): “We are spectators at the beginning, we watch them play. The players are told to go get them, to knock them down, but nothing happens. We wait and chase the score. Of course we finish matches strong, but that’s not enough. We will have to rectify the situation in these first minutes. We cannot win in such conditions. »

Alain Démo (co-president): “Once again, we started our match badly. There is reason to be desperate in this situation. We just got an away win and we really thought we were going to win. Nicolas Crubilé told them to be aggressive to prevent them from playing, “


TM:7-20; arbitrators: Mr. Thibault Santamaria (Occitanie), assisted by MM. Quentin Sfez, and Vincent Lacaille.
Winners: 2E Lanave (7), Dupouy (22); 2 T, and 2 P (5, 26) Bugeat.
Defeated: 2E Lolesio (35), Khanfous (51, 80+4); 1T Nassik (35).
Evolution of the score: 0-3, 0-10, 0-17, 0-20, 7-20 / 12-20, 17-20.
THE FUTURE OF VALENCIA: Swanepoel; David, Lecareux (cap), Bothma (Henric, 41 years old), Kolokilagi (Piquemal, 41 years old); (o) Borderies, (m) Nassik (Raphaël, 68 years old); Lescout, Lolesio (Boué, 48), El Béchir (Lolesio, 63); Graham, Olivier (El Quassaoui, 70 years old); Benlebbad (Fonoifua, 68 years old), Khanfous (Decaunes, 68 years old, then Khenfous, 76 years old), Ahaouche. Non-finisher: Bousignac.
LIKE FLEURANTINE: Latu; Cantaloupe, Dupouy (cap, Loison, 68), Andreu (Ferré, 63), Rochelli (Ferre, 68); (o) Bugeat (Rochelli, 75 years old), (m) Lanave (Bertolissi, 68 years old); L. Mondoulet, Carré (Tuipulotu, 48), Mze (Barrieu, 68); J. Mondoulet, Calvet; Palma-Newport (Vepkhvadze, 57, then Palma-Newport, 80), Mas (Muradore, 52), Vignasse (Belleville, 40).
Yellow cards: L. Mondoulet (45 years old), Tuipulotu (56 years old); expulsion: Latu (71).

National hopes. Valence d’Agen-La Seyne: 21-27 (2 tries to 3).

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