Amazon unveils Q, its AI assistant for businesses: discover the first images


Amazon unveils Q, its AI assistant for businesses: discover the first images

As part of its re:Invent conference, Amazon announced the launch of Q, a new AI assistant for businesses. Currently in public preview, this tool will be marketed from $20 annually per user. The company founded by Jeff Bezos thus competes with other business offers such as Copilot in Azure or ChatGPT Enterprise. We take stock!

A custom assistant for Amazon Web Services

Amazon Q is specially designed for customers of AWS (Amazon Web Services), the cloud computing service offered by Amazon. The tool draws on 17 years of knowledge of AWS and will thus be able to perform tasks based on the data and information contained in the company’s systems.

Amazon Q quickly connects to your business data, information, and systems and empowers employees to have personalized conversations, solve problems, generate content, and take actions that are relevant to your business.

The tool will also be able to connect to a wide range of solutions such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Slack, Atlassian or Zendesk. These integrations will allow them to better understand the company and how it works and to carry out automated tasks. For example, it can assign tickets automatically in software in Kanban mode or send team notifications in a professional messaging service.

Features similar to ChatGPT

Concretely, Q presents itself in the form of a chatbot (see featured presentation), which will offer services similar to those offered by ChatGPT. In his responses, Q will be able to carry out the following tasks in particular:

  • Analyze content: Like ChatGPT, it is possible to integrate a file (Word, PDF, spreadsheet) and ask questions about it.
  • Make recommendations: From the analysis, Q will be able to identify the characteristics of a product and suggest improvements or detect network connectivity problems to propose solutions.
  • Generate content: Q is capable of writing various types of texts, such as emails, blog posts, press releases, etc.
  • Generate code: Related to Code Whisperer, Q can interpret and generate code or fix bugs.

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Amazon also specifies that Q is able to understand the context, and that it is therefore possible to continue an exchange with the chatbot.

Enhanced security and control mechanisms

In its presentation, Amazon emphasizes data privacy. Thus, the firm indicates that the access configured in AWS is reflected in Q: “If a user isn’t allowed to access certain data without Q, they won’t be able to access it with Amazon Q either. »

Control mechanisms will also be put in place to personalize and supervise responses. Thus, it will be possible to block certain topics and filter keywords to ensure that the results respect the company’s guidelines.

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