An android waitress in a Chinese restaurant turned out to be more realistic than customers expected


An android waitress in a Chinese restaurant turned out to be more realistic than customers expected

An android waitress working at a restaurant in the Chinese city of Chongqing gained widespread fame last month by mesmerizing onlookers with her neat robotic movements, but it turned out to be little more than a choreographic illusion.

These days, as the world faces the threat of artificially intelligent robots taking over people’s jobs, the sight of a humanoid robot working as a waitress in a restaurant in China caused a strong reaction from many people when a video of it began to circulate on Douyin (Chinese version). TikTok). Some viewers were delighted by the android’s humanoid appearance and ability to interact with real people, but others said they found it a little creepy, which is a fairly common reaction to the uncanny valley effect. However, it turned out that the android waitress was more realistic than people thought…

The reaction to the video of the robotic waitress from Chongqing on the Internet was so strong that several news outlets went to meet the android. However, reporters were shocked when they discovered a real person posing as an android. It turned out that the waitress was the owner of the establishment, a 26-year-old entrepreneur with a choreographic education.

The girl said that dancing remains her main passion in life. Since she opened the hot-food restaurant three years ago, she and her friends have regularly staged performances to attract customers. But she really hit her stride this year when she began performing as an android, using precise moves and makeup like a robot and making her performance so believable that most new clients couldn’t tell she was human.

Now people come to the restaurant not only for hot soup and strong drinks, but also for her Android show program. The girl’s ingenuity is now being used by state media as an example of how personal talents and hobbies can be used to stand out in a competitive market.

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