Officialized by Ubisoft yesterday at the end of the day on the occasion of the presentation of its financial results, the next opus of the Assassin’s Creed franchise seems determined to tell us more about it if we are fans of rumors of all kinds.

The episode, which is still not officially named by the publisher, sees a lot of information leaked from Reddit and Neogaf on the sidelines of its presentation at the Ubisoft press conference. Failing to be able to verify the veracity of the current leaks, we are providing you with a list of information to remember.

  • Leaks are not “accidents”, but leaks organized by Ubisoft itself. Both images are real. The first image released is very old, the second is an image from the demo that we will see at E3.
  • New scouting mechanic, the eagle. Like Far Cry Primal, we would use an eagle named Akhom to identify points of interest and additional activities.
  • The tower system will therefore be banned, but it should still be present in the game. You will use your eagle for secondary activities and points of interest. There is a time limit on how long you can use the eagle before the game returns you to your assassin’s body.
  • The characters speak English like in Unity. This is because of Animus 5.0, which fixed all the translation issues from older versions. You will be seated in it.
  • The character of the time would be a mixed race man. Already a trained assassin, he will benefit from new team to accomplish its taskgiven by William himself. William, Rebecca and Shaun will make an appearance in this episode.
  • THE Game phases in the present would resemble that of AC3 with larger areas and greater interaction between characters. The use of present-tense sequences is done to emphasize that the Assassins and Templars still exist and have a significant impact on the world.
  • A fragment of Eden used during the Exodus and the passage of the Red Sea will play an important role in the overall mission of the modern protagonist without being the main plot of the game
  • The facts recounted in this episode should take place between 1400 and 1200 BC. It takes place during the Dynasties.
  • The game should not offer naval combat, but only a means of transport like The Witcher 3. However, our sailing boat will be customizable.
  • The world we will visit is breathtaking, beautiful, and there are many things to see on the open sea. It is better to sail than to miss these events by traveling quickly.
  • You will cross the Eastern Mediterranean with your boat.
  • Ambient music is back in the game.
  • The developers focused on the story 100%. There is no no multiplayer but there are microtransactions. Multiplayer is still in the studio’s plans and could return at some point.
  • The immersion was very careful.
  • Lots of tropical areas. The mirages, oasis areas and various islands dotted in the sea are magnificent.
  • The main protagonist (in the past) is a calmer version of Altair. He looks like him, a little darker, not black like Adé. He should be the hero of a new trilogy which would take us to Greeceeven if the location of the third episode of his adventures remains to be defined.
  • The main protagonist of the past is apparently an Israelite.
  • THE fights have been reworked. Enemies have different attack patterns and will actively try to hit you. A bit like Witcher 3, but easier to learn.
  • Infiltration is much more present in the world of this episode. You can hide around corners, in crowds, in buildings, and in bushes/haystacks. Imagine the philosophy of Syndicate and Unity, but much better thought out and implemented. Social caution is emphasized a lot in the game. You will mix in crowds and with groups of slaves on many occasions.
  • The Parkour system is identical to Syndicate / Unity, although it adds some Watch Dogs 2 vibes in some moments. The gameplay mechanics are much smoother and more fluid.
  • The reason AC isn’t making its way to Japan is because executives don’t see success with that destination. They made episodes in China to “please the fans”. Same thing for World War I and World War II.
  • The graphics engine is a reworked version of Syndicate. But looks radically different from Syndicate and Unity.
  • They have worked a lot on Origins to avoid another situation similar to Unity then Syndicate to a lesser extent. “Syndicate was about 60% complete when the game was revealed, so Ubi pushed it out before we could finish it.”
  • Versions on PS4, Xbox One and PC only.
  • The game will be available at the end of the year.
  • The hidden blade used in the game is a very early version and requires losing a finger to wield. There is also a bow, a shield, various swords, spears and throwing knives.
  • Our protagonist doesn’t have a name at first. Later, other characters start calling him “Shed.” Much of the story revolves around the desire to save your people from slavery.
  • The idea of ​​a game in ancient Rome was discussed internally. Caesar was not a Templar, but shared many of their ideologies. The senators who killed him were members of the Brotherhood. The current status of this idea is unknown.
  • Skills are done in a talent tree. You can never activate as many skills as you want at the same time. The tree will be divided into three parts: Combat, Infiltration and Movement.
  • There are a few predetermined outfits (as has happened in every AC game). However, there are different equipment you can purchase. Imagine Unity’s gear variation/customization, but with fewer unnecessary gimmicks.
  • Character customization is similar to that used in Unity.
  • You can put your hood on or off whenever you want!

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