The Festival Quad Matapédien, held in Amqui over the weekend, was a great success. More than 300 motorcyclists from across Quebec participated in this 21e editing.

“We are particularly proud of this event, which allows us to introduce our trails to quad riders from everywhere,” explains the president of the Club VTT de la Matapédia, André Blouin. We have a whole team of volunteers, over 50 people, helping to set up and run this very special weekend. Without their dedication, it would be impossible to organize such an event. It’s like that year after year. The people here are proud. They want to introduce their trails and the region to as many quad riders as possible from Quebec and elsewhere. »

On the ground, the work of the volunteers is arduous for a good preparation of the paths visited.

“Volunteers worked for months to clear the trails, adjust the signage and make it clearly visible. You should know that we experienced particular events this year with violent winds, resulting in the obstruction of trails by fallen trees in the north of the territory. In the south, everything has grown so much. Fortunately, I have a team of generous people who aren’t afraid to get involved. Moreover, we have many compliments and congratulations from the people who visit us on the state of our trail network,” continues Mr. Blouin.

Photo provided by Denis Lavoie of InfoQuad


During the two days of the event, volunteers were available and committed at all levels, for the success of this major event.

“We prepare each year with one objective, to welcome people who choose to visit us,” continues André Blouin. This year’s edition follows the average of recent years. But, to receive and serve everyone, you have to be ready at all levels. Whether it is for meals, for registration or for the marshals, who serve as guides on the various hikes, good preparation is essential. »

Marshals are also trained in the various tourist places where quad riders stop, in order to be able to explain everything to visitors.

The president of the Club VTT de la Matapédia, André Blouin, is right to be proud of the 21st edition of his festival.

Photo provided by Denis Lavoie of InfoQuad

Saturday evening, during the closing banquet, you should have seen the volunteers busy preparing the meal and serving it to all the participants. André Blouin also admits that you have to know what to do to keep the top of the list of destinations.

“When you reach the top, it can be difficult to stay in place, hence the importance of being able to count on such a team. There are people who come to spend a week in our region, before taking part in the Festival. We have people from the Magdalen Islands, Montreal and other regions, which means that our event contributes to the economy of our part of the country. We are missing a few New Brunswick enthusiasts who can no longer use our trails because their membership card purchased from them, accepted in the past, is no longer valid. It’s a big loss, but to see the level of participation, I’m proud. »

So, if you want to experience this great event, you have to book. The number of places is limited, and moreover, the reception structures fill up quickly.

For more information, visit the club’s website:

Trail closures for hunting

As is the case every year, from 1uh In September, several quad trails are closed everywhere, due to the hunting season. It is very important to respect these closing dates, first for your safety, but also to avoid the loss of rights of way. The territories most affected are the zecs and certain wildlife reserves. For example, the trail in the Laurentides wildlife reserve is closed until November 15 and in the Mastigouche reserve, from tomorrow to October 17. It is therefore important to carefully consult the table that appears on the Federation’s website at Dates may change and we may also add more at any time. It would also be a good idea to check with your club and other clubs before planning a hike this fall.


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